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Electronic Groove: ‘Support the Arts’ collaborates with KRAM

Electronic Groove and urban artists create unique wearable artworks.

Here at EG, we have been fans of urban arts for a long time. Establishing relationships with a number of artists from around the world over the years is vital to us, giving a chance to get an insider’s look at the whole creative process behind the amazing work we see in the streets of the cities that continuously inspire us.

Thanks to this, our appreciation for this type of art has increased over the years, which is the reason, because of these uncertain times we’re all going through at this moment, we’ve decided to team-up and support each other. We think that just asking for money is too easy, so we are giving it a twist by offering a limited-edition series of collectible T-shirts designed by the street artists themselves, so you can support them and us, and get a really cool and unique piece of wearable art as well.

For our third installment of the series, after our recent collaborations with Irene Lopez Leon, SLOMO, and PEZ, comes Barcelona native KRAM with his unique blend of illustrations and street art. He creates a personal, original world full of different characters; sometimes they explain something, and sometimes they are just there because reality is just too boring.

Influenced by different artists from graffiti, comic books, cartoons, and academic art history he’s tried some different styles throughout his life, from realism to abstract, and he still likes to do different styles and investigate new methods and forms. ‘You can always learn something new, especially when it’s something totally different. I am influenced by any artist who works in a personal way with an original style; the kind of artist who can do whatever and create a recognizable piece of work’, he says. Perhaps, the most striking traits in his work, are his characters filled with personality, with imperfections, vices and bad habits… like humans in real life.

Having painted in New York, London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Portugal, Italy, Mexico, Copenhagen, Sweden, Casablanca and around Spain, now, KRAM has designed the third of our ‘Support the Arts’ series of T-Shirts, imprinting his unique style to fabric and producing a very cool and one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art. By buying this shirt, you’re supporting this gifted artist as well as Electronic Groove during these tough times.

Other urban artists like Kenor and Uri are confirmed for the series. Get yours here.

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