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Electronic Music Community shares compilation to support Supernova Festival’s victims

All proceeds will go towards helping the survivors and families affected by the attack.

In a display of unity during a time of tragedy, the Electronic Music Community, a grassroots organization made up of Israeli producers, promoters, and music professionals, has come together to create a compilation of over 50 tracks. All proceeds from this project will go towards helping the affected by the attack that took place on October 7th, 2023 at the Supernova Music Festival.

The release showcases a wide range of genres, including trance, techno, melodic house, and EDM, featuring contributions from renowned artists spanning multiple generations of electronic music. Names such as Red Axes, Astrix, Infected Mushroom, Shpongle, Vini Vici, Kino Todo, Magit Cacoon, and many others have collaborated to create this collection of music.

The Supernova Music Festival was tragically targeted by Hamas terrorists, resulting in the loss of many lives. The Electronic Music Community (EMC) aims to raise awareness and support the hostages in Gaza, as well as assist in the rehabilitation of the survivors. Ongoing support includes financial aid and rehabilitation services for the victims and their families, as well as emotional and financial support for all staff members affected by the attack. The festival’s community has already established a rehabilitation center for the survivors, offering a range of wellness activities and services free of charge.

The Tribe of Nova, organizers of the music festival targeted on October 7th, issued a powerful statement that captures their unwavering spirit: “Our role as a tribe and as a community has undoubtedly become more significant, but the core essence and purpose of our existence have not changed significantly. We will continue to dance, to celebrate music, to spread light and love, and to embody pure illumination amidst the darkness. With unwavering determination, we will move forward, committed to the pursuit of justice. We work tirelessly so that goodness will always prevail and light will always triumph. This is our legacy.”

You can support this initiative, by purchasing the compilation on Bandcamp, making a  donation to EMC through Giveback, or acquiring a specially designed T-shirt by clicking here.

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