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Embark on a deep and melodic journey with Omer Tayar’s latest mix

The session showcases tracks from Xinobi, Luca Saporito, Simone Vitullo, and more.

Photo credit: Omer Tayar – Official

DJ and producer Omer Tayar has recently released his latest mix, EG SPOTLIGHT.266, which is now available on Electronic Groove’s Soundcloud and Mixcloud platforms.

Featuring a talented lineup of artists including Xinobi, Luca Saporito, Simone Vitullo, Tanit, Newman, Niv Ast, M.Love, Deer Jade, Fulltone, South Bloom, Volen Sentir, Dandara, K2W0, Maori, and more, this mix offers a captivating and deep musical journey.

Omer Tayar is widely known for his storytelling abilities, skillfully blending melodies and rhythms. His passion for music started at the age of 12 when he first picked up a guitar. Since then, he has built a successful career as a DJ and producer.

With years of experience performing at renowned venues worldwide, Omer is known for his electrifying DJ sets. He skillfully blends slow and deep electronica, space-disco, raw grooves, and house music. He is also a talented producer, with tracks and remixes released on labels such as ‘Mau House’, ‘Empore’, ‘Compost’, and ‘The Garden Of Babylon’.

Listen to EG SPOTLIGHT.266 Omer Tayar below and visit here for more info.

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