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‘Era Of Dance’, A Documentary About The Soviet Techno Revolution

‘Era of Dance’, a documentary about the soviet techno revolution

A different vision of the 90’s rave scene.

‘Era of Dance’ is a new music documentary which shows the story of the Soviet techno revolution. Directed by Viktors Buda, the film is about the early days of the rave scene and the golden age of techno culture in the region.

As the press note reads, “The second half of the ’80s. This was a decade marked by the rise in tension between the American and Russian blocks in the Cold Wars, the fall of the Berlin Wall… The West and The East became connected by the new culture phenomena – techno revolution. Thirty years have passed since the historical events which dramatically changed the cultural scene of the Soviet Union forever. Beyond some facts is some untold story, which so far 30 years has not been made public. Story about the man behind this historical invasion.”

The film counts with special appearances of electronic icons like Derrick May and Westbam.

‘Era of Dance’ will be premiered next June at worldwide independent film festivals.

Watch the trailer below. For more info, click here.

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