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Eryc Prydz Debuts A New EP Under His Alias ‘Tonja Holma’

Eryc Prydz debuts a new EP under his alias ‘Tonja Holma’

This marks the first release on his new label, Pryda Presents.

Eric Prydz isn’t afraid to have fun and get weird. Tonja Holma is about exploring electronic textures and disco grooves through fat filtered synths and steady beats, with a deeper production perspective into the mix.

Prydz’s Holma moniker has made several appearances on the artist’s Essential Mixes over the years, dating back to 2007 and including his 2013 Mix of the Year — but he’s never actually released any of the music before.

Listen new Tonja Holma tracks below. Also, you can order them here.

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