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Fabric Bets On ‘all Night Long’ And ‘back-to-back’ DJ Sets

Fabric bets on ‘all night long’ and ‘back-to-back’ DJ sets

The iconic London club Fabric recently announced part of their January and February calendar highlighting the programming of several solos and back-to-back performances sharing the booth all night.

Some of the acts that will see two artists sharing sets of up to 10 hours in a row, a format that allows guests to show their ability as selectors and their musical collections. “The long sets and sound trips have defined Saturday nights at Fabric and have provided some of the most special musical experiences throughout our 18 years of history” they explain in the press release.

The first sets listed of this type are those that will share Boddika and Redshape, Adam Shelton and Subb-An, or two sets that Craig Richards will share with Nicolas Lutz and Ricardo Villalobos respectively.

As explained from the club these are the first revealed, there will be much more throughout the year 2018: “long sets, deeper travel, powerful sound, we are a club and this is what we do”.

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