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Fabric starts funding campaign

After London’s venue closure a series of legal actions are going to be taken.

Following Islingtong Council’s decision to terminate the club’s license, Fabric just released a statement announcing that they’ll appeal based on expert recommendations. For this reason and in order to cover lawyer expenses they decided to launch a campaign to raise funds through fans donations.

In the statement they also emphasized the club impact on UK’s nightlife culture during the last years “delivering 3.106 events and welcoming 6.75 million people from around the world through our doors and down our stairs into a purpose built arena for the enjoyment of music”.

Minimum donation accepted is £ 10, giving access to the contributor name added to a piece of bespoke campaign artwork, and for up to £ 30 donations the person will receive a complementary #savefabric T-shirt.

Click here to donate.

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