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FOLD to open its doors in London

Founded by a group of eclectic artists, DJs, and party people.

FOLD is the name of the new club that will be opening its door this August 18th at Britain’s capital city.

Located at the east side of London, the industrial venue counts with a 600-people capacity and will be open more than 24 hours. It will be featuring a tailored soundsystem (un)limited at 110DB and a bottom end of 32hz.

Some of the crews involved in the club’s programme are Body Hammer, Dimensions, UNITI, Gold snap, SIREN!, HTBX, Opulence, Possession, Reviveher, Left Alone, KAOS, Body Motion, Gdanse, Structure, Global Roots (Worldwide FM), Homodrop, SC&P and many more.

FOLD co-founder Lasha Jorjoliani – also known as Voicedrone – explained, “FOLD presents an uncompromising schedule of forward-thinking electronic music. Veering away from the regular 4 to the floor, we offer a smorgasbord of alien sounds from the unknown. 24-hour events generally take place on Saturdays, Fridays we go till late and mid-week live events are till 3 am. Our opening season includes label takeovers from Ilian Tape, Clone & Pinkman, with a carefully curated selection of headliners supported by FOLD crew. The 24hr programme gives us a unique opportunity to surprise, challenge and inspire. Expect extended set times, obscure b2bs and a generally more expansive pallet of sounds over the course of one event.”

The club looks forward to recreating a rave renaissance by focusing on inclusivity, no photo policy, and a membership scheme.

For more info and tickets, click here.

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