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Francis Xavier – Pop Kulture (Unknown Records)

Latest Unknown Records offering brings Aussie DJ and producer Francis Xavier delivering his ‘Pop Kulture’ techno cut.

There’s an uplifting element in the track that resides in its heavy punchy kick and its beefy driving bass. The production features an arpeggiated lead synth at the core giving the track the progressive feel often heard in the artist’s previous releases. Massively reverbed drums and stabs put the track in the big-dark-room rave spectrum and a haunting vocal appears occasionally adding further obscurity. The long breakdown in the middle of the track maintains the groove of the song and brings you into intimacy before surrendering you to the last euphoric drop. Always energetic, the track is properly arranged to serve a peak moment of a set.

Francis Xavier’s ‘Pop Kulture’ was recently released on Sydney’s Unknown Records label. You can grab your copy here.

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