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Gene On Earth shares new track ‘Flux Deluxe’

From his upcoming studio album.

California’s Gene On Earth has just unveiled a brand new single with the drop of ‘Flux Delux’. The recording stems from his forthcoming sophomore album, ‘Time On The Vine’, which is set for release on June 3rd via his own Limousine Dream imprint.

Following up on the melody-driven ‘Pinseeker’, the newly dropped ‘Flux Deluxe’ is a dominating slice of drum and bass that wanders into late-night territory with its intimidating presence.

‘What starts out as an amiable home-listener of a drum and bass tune soon spirals further and further away from the earlier pep in its step, reaching an almost menacing moment before catapulting you back to the comfort and warmth of the ‘Time On The Vine’ universe,’ explains Gene On Earth.

Listen to Gene On Earth’s ‘Flux Deluxe’ below, and pre-order your copy of ‘Time On The Vine’ here.


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