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George X – Rainbow Madness – Ready Mix Records

George X – Rainbow Madness – Ready Mix Records

Greece’s own George X brings us two laid-back, melodic original productions, plus two remixes, on his latest EP, ‘Rainbow Madness’, released by Ready Mix Records this May.

Middle-Eastern vibes combine with sprawling, cinematic strings, funky bass and lively percussion to form an engaging collection of songs that can only be described as a true musical journey.

‘Rainbow’, the first original track on the EP, dives into an eclectic mash-up of styles right away, with a shuffling beat providing the foundation for an amalgam of different sounds and atmospheres. Middle-Eastern instrumentation shares space with vocal samples, producing ethereal textures that filter through the steady pace of drums and percussion for a pleasant mind-trip of a tune. Staves provides the remix, which brings the bass drum front and center while rearranging the track´s different sounds and textures in a more rhythmical fashion, topping it all off with a deep and weighty undercurrent of bass.

‘Madness’, the second original track, is a more sparse, open tune that feels awash with daylight thanks to its swooping string melodies and dubby effects, accompanied by an energetic percussion which drives the song forward while keeping all its elements intact. It produces kind of a dream state combined with a fresh and breezy bliss, perfect for the upcoming summer months. Death on the Balcony takes over the remix duties for this track, coming up with a sprawling 10-minute production that rises from the depths to bask in the warmth of light, while still keeping an irresistible beat.

The complete EP is a fine showcase for George X’s knack for melody and atmosphere, a collection of songs which have the rare quality of creating a self-contained capsule of the ingredients that make up a fine dance record: solid beats, timeless melodies and good vibes.

George X’s ‘The Rainbow Madness’ EP is already available on Ready Mix Records. Grab your copy here.

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