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Giangi Cappai selects 10 emblematic tracks

A self-declared citizen of the world, Gigangi Cappai has a long road beneath his soles. Having first topped the Italian and European charts back in 1997 as ‘Alma Matris’, his track ‘Musica Electrica/Rumore Chimico’ was eventually re-released by New Yorker Star 69, thus cementing his status as a deep-tech tribal heavyweight. In time, Cappai would eventually remix pop icons such as Madonna, and dance music legends like Martha Wash, Afrika Bambaataa, Ralphi Rosario, Barbara Tucker, and Gaznevada, while his single ‘Rapido’ still remaining a tribal anthem to this day.

Fast forward, and now Cappai runs his own labels: Blessed Cross Records, alongside his associate Foby. Conceived in 2019, his new label ranges from deep to progressive house, created with the purpose to release high-quality tunes; and OGU Recordings, which delves in electronica and sound research, giving options and access to an exceptionally wide range of talent.

Here he shares 10 cuts that made a deep impact in his musical career including his latest release, ‘Emme’, via OGU Recordings.

01. Giangi Cappai – Rapido

“My first real worldwide hit, believe or not, is a Spanish love song. Sweet lyrics against tribal and dark electronica. New York was in my mind in those days!”

02. Gaznevada – ‘I.C. Love Affair’

“Defined as the first real house song, I had the pleasure to officially rework this milestone. The original mix remains a must to have”

03. Giangi Cappai – Lo Sento

“The first song of my first label Motibus. My first love!”

04. Giangi Cappai – ‘Dust From The Moon’

“This was the first release on my OGU Records label. it was a complicated story that literally changed my life. And now I’m happy about that!”

05. Art Of Noise – Beat Box

“As a sound engineer, I loved the sampling techniques in the early eighties. Trevor Horn. Sound research. Drops of Italian futurism… my world!”

06. Kraftwerk – Numbers

“The groove of this track still infects my beat making in the studio, and it’s always in my bag”

07. A Guy Called Gerald – Voodoo Ray

“Tears every time… no other words!”

08. M|A|R|R|S – Pump Up The Volume

“This track is dedicated to my parents who were forced to listen to it dozens of times during my bedroom DJ sets at the start of my career.”

09. Giangi Cappi & Ralph Rosario – Bring Your Soul Back

“Grew up listening to his beats, and now I can proudly say that we are friends and fans of each other. Who would have thought this possible when I first bought his songs in record stores chasing that Chicago house beat?!”

10. Giangi Cappai – Emme

“She is gone, but she’s gonna fly forever with this song.”

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