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Giorgia Angiuli Dazzles Buenos Aires

Giorgia Angiuli dazzles Buenos Aires

In her first visit to Argentina, Italian artist Giorgia Angiuli arrived in Buenos Aires to present her live show.

Argentina’s capital city regularly offers different alternatives related to electronic music. In this ocassion, it was the time for the ‘Live Acts’ debut, a new events series run by local promoters Omnia that focuses on live performances in a club format.

Niceto Club Lado A was the venue chosen by the producers to deliver Giorgia’s show. Starting at 01:00 pm, Ignacio Obrero opened the dancefloor with a warm-up dj session. (he was the only artist that didn’t perform live that night).

Ignacio’s set created the proper base for the rest of the evening. An impressive stage with a led light-lines on the front was the main visual focus. At 2:30 Juan Hansen took the stage showcasing his live set. With an excellent presentation, the public felt comfortable and vibrating with his deep sound. His vocals and his electric guitar execution were the highlights of his performance.

Around 4 pm, the Italian brunette began her live show. The impatient audience was anxious at the end of the warm-up, even though it was impossible to avoid the change during Georgia’s first beats, letting in evidence the required setup and preparation needed for a live lineup, even more for the club format.

Giorgia’s performance can be summarized as brief but lethal. Received with a big applause, she left the audience amazed with a first level techno set. With a smashing sound, the powerful bass lines allowed us to differentiate the track changes. Very comfortable in the booth, she interacted with the audience while rehearsing her very peculiar props, which allowed her to manipulate the sounds and give a visual touch to her show.

Unfortunately for our geek readers, we didn’t have access to the cabin so we can’t describe neither the setup nor the performance details. However, we were touched by her one-hour energetic performance that let amazed more than one attendee.

Around 5:30 p.m it was time for Vorholle, the night’s residents who had a hard task following Giorgia’s intense techno sound.

The Argentinian duo turned down the intensity without affecting the quality. They started with a progressive vibe, full of bass and melodies. The audience responded well, but with a more calmed energy. Both Djs seemed to enjoy the performance and they were very meticulous in the musical structure.

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