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GNTN – Start Again Feat. Liu Bei (Julian Wassermann Remix)

Originally envisioned as a throbbing emotional rollercoaster, GNTN and Liu Bei’s ‘Start Again’ feels uplifting, and aptly sensitive to the current situation the world has faced lately, encapsulating notions shared by millions. Now, German powerhouse Julain Wassermann recreates the moment as a tumultuous affaire that evokes struggles and hope in equal measures.

Synths swirl around percussive patterns built on tight skins, before a rumbling bassline treads out of the darkness underground. With the groove locked and loaded, Wassermann step to the side and Liu Bei irrupts into scene with a vocal prowess that acts as a soothing agent, taming the once menacing bassline, allowing for synthetic waves to wash over the frame as the tension reaches boiling points. As the ground cracks beneath our feet, Liu’s vocals sweep in to save us in the knick of time, suspending us in the air. Weathered by the storm, he finds a shimmer of inner peace, as musters the required strength to start again, ready to take on the turbulent sonic sea that Wassermann reimagined once more.

Julian Wassermann’s remix of GNTN & Liu Bei’s ‘Start Again’ is out now. Stream and get your copy here.

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