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Goeran Meyer presents ‘Boundless Chains’ via MYR Records

Featuring vocals by Mario Navajo.

Photo Credit: Goeran Meyer – Facebook

MYR Records has announced Goeran Meyer’s latest EP, ‘Boundless Chains.’ The release is now available, and features vocals by Mario Navajo.

The EP begins with the instrumental version of ‘Boundless Chains,’ which boasts a percussion-heavy intro, carefully tuned drum settings, and synth arpeggios. The breaks lead to a buildup of lush synth arpeggios and strong kicks, further enhancing the atmosphere.

The vocal edit, complemented by Mario Navajo’s atmospheric vocals, offers listeners an immersive journey. Navajo’s vocals harmonize with deep bass notes, creating an emotive auditory experience.

‘Boundless Chains’ is now exclusively available on Beatport. Get your copy here.

Listen to the premiere below.

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