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Guided By Tears – Forgiveness – Method Fifteen Records

Next to nothing can be found on the elusive Guided By Tears, as a minimal presence online shrouds a cloud of mystery over the project. Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, he has recently launched Method Fifteen Records, an outlet for forward-thinking electronic music, dedicated to providing a platform for both established and upcoming artists who dare to be different. Following up on their latest release ‘Inner Self’, Guided By Tears now presents the mesmerizing four-tracker ‘Forgiveness’ EP.

A balancing act, the EP treads the highwire between ambient and techno as Guided By Tears craft nostalgic passageways and corridors through solitude itself. Lending its name to the recording, opening track ‘Forgiveness’ is a thing to behold. Warm signals come in waves, drawing something intimate from the listener as if tho familiar with one’s secrets, when a broken beat grabs hold, riding to a beautiful release.

‘Atonement’ follows a similar path, making amends in a most peaceful fashion. A skittering beat rolls, accumulating static and debris, cementing the foundations for some entrancing stabs. Ethereal, and borderline polychromatic, these present themselves like holes in the sky, guiding to safe passage. The third cut, ‘A Beginning’, explores the notion of ground zero. A rebirth. Depicting a fertile ground, Guided By Tears implement a driving low end where a sonic jungle blossoms throughout. Birdsongs and cavernous synthetic swells dwell deep within this new dawn, making ‘A Beginning’ one of the most unique tracks on ‘Forgiveness’.

Closing out the package, ‘Infatuation’ edifies mixed feelings, contrasting love and deception into a warm delivery, where low and high stabs intertwine, pulling at the string behind our hearts for a bittersweet finale.

Guided By Tears’ ‘Forgiveness’ EP is out now via Method Fifteen Records. Get your copy here.


1. Forgiveness
2. Atonement
3. A Beginning
4. Infatuation

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