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Guy J paints magical mosaics at the Palacio Alsina

Photo Credit: Pablo Alonso

An endless love affair between the Argentine lands and the charmingly mischievous Guy J returned to write a new anthologic chapter this past Friday, August 19th. Impeccably organized by SVG Entertainment, the event was held at the impressive Palacio Alsina, with a completely sold-out venue, and a tide of clubbers full of irrepressible energy, which would be unleashed with the freshness and irreverence of one of the most unique producers in the world.

After easy access and a warm welcome, the immensity of the Palacio Alsina welcomed hundreds of souls between its captivating visual offerings and the sensual beats proposed by the experienced Argentine DJ Marcelo Vasami, who acted as warm-up while unfolding his entire class under subtle melodic motifs and delicious vocals.

Arriving at 1 AM, as indicated, the Israeli hypnotist took his place behind the decks and unleashed an unprecedented, kaleidoscopic sonic waterfall. With his characteristic melodies, owners of an inimitable stamp, and a technique behind the decks that makes the construction of his sets something unrepeatable, Guy J made and unmade sounds as he pleased, spinning a series of colorful mosaics, with highlights that included creations of his authorship such as ‘River’, ‘Last Standing’, ‘Beast Of Sea’, ‘Illusion’, and ‘State Of Trance’.

Elevating the art of mixing, the artist’s dazzling sets are born from a need to tell stories that can only exist at a certain moment in time and space. A myth, if you will. Weaving loops upon loops, Guy J conjured a narrative worthy of being considered a fable, where technicolor cathedrals implode between provocative silhouettes and impossible textures, inviting each of the clubbers present to get lost in order to find themselves, once again.

Relive some of Guy J’s best scenes at the Palacio Alsina in Buenos Aires below.

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