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Guy Mantzur & Roy Rosenfeld captured happiness in Mar del Plata

Last Friday 14th, the Israelis put on a resounding musical show in the Argentine seaside city under the January heat.

A moment is a very short space of time, a specific time in which something happens or is done. Guy Mantzur perfectly understood this concept, striving to create a party that meets the stimuli of those present with avant-garde details, comfort and good taste. With that notion, the Israeli DJ and producer took his musical event to Mar del Plata, where dancing and fun were the exclusive protagonists of the night.

Titled with the same concept as his recent record label, ‘Moments’ took place in the new beach venue At Park, a key site within the summer 2022 music scene that came to compete against the classic electronic party spots. With a large stage set up facing the sea, its large dimensions steer away from human condensation and favored loose dance choreography, both on the dance floor and in the VIP area.

The opening session, by Simon Vuarambon, served as an attractive welcome tune. Followed by Shai T, both artists formed a warm-up tandem with samples of what was to come: highly pure, unadulterated progressive house.

Around two in the morning, Roy Rosenfeld burst onto the stage. With his characteristic Hebrew touches and brittle compositions, the Jerusalem-born began the second part of the event, putting his stamp of deep conveyed by tracks such as ‘Todas las palabras’ by Chicola, Enamour’s ‘Behind The Light’, and several songs of his own authorship.

With the hundreds of people already hypnotized after five hours of fine mixing, it was the turn of the master of the party, Guy Mantzur. His start was disruptive and that novelty went through his entire set. Dressed in a white jacket, the DJ had entered the human tide during the previous musical numbers, giving his fans selfies and close smiling greetings. That chemistry of proximity was also translated during his artistic exhibition that accompanied the passing of the night towards the dawn of a sunny Saturday over the sea of ​​La Feliz.

‘Moments’ is a quality conceptual proposal made in a new venue with artists of great stature. The evening of the hottest day in the history of Mar del Plata featured a luxury event for progressive house lovers. Because life is made of moments, and you just have to enjoy them.

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