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Hernan Cattaneo shares 12 tracks of his current favorite Argentinian DJ/Producers

Argentinean renowned DJ and producer Hernan Cattaneo leads a new Balance Music compilation concept entitled ‘Sunsetstrip’. The first installment includes 2 CDs with 33 tracks by established and new producers of the global electronic scene.

Prior to the release, we had the chance to speak with Hernan about the compilation, the progressive house style, and some of his current favorite Argentinian artists.

Electronic Groove: Hi Hernan, happy to have you back at EG. So it’s been two years since your last compilation album on Balance, what is it about the label that brought you back?

Hernan Cattaneo: Well, it was an easy decision. I love the label, I like the way Tom, the label manager works, and the artists he chooses to work with. So it feels really good to keep putting my albums on Balance Music.

EG: What was the inspiration for ‘Sunsetstrip’?

Hernan Cattaneo: Over the years I’ve been doing a lot of daytime events. They start with lots of daylight and finish in the early night hours at places like Woodstock 69 in Bloemendaal, Netherlands, Burning Man, and many others.

I enjoy playing slow and deep at first and then progressing to more uptempo grooves. ‘Sunsetstrip’ is based on that idea.

EG: The mix contains several of Argentina’s rising stars such as Kevin Di Serna, Mariano Mellino, Mike Griego, and Soundexile. What is it about the progressive scene in Argentina that makes it so special?

Hernan Cattaneo: Argentina has always been at the forefront of this sound, and it has been the biggest market for all DJs pushing it for many years. So it makes sense that most young producers tend to go in this direction after being influenced from the early days of Sasha & Digweed, Nick Warren, Danny Howells, Dave Seaman, etc., to the present sounds of Patrice Bäumel, Guy J, Guy Mantzur, Henry Saiz, and many more.

EG: You’ve been a leader of progressive house for nearly two decades and it continues to grow in places like the US with names like Brian Cid and DAVI, and Khen in the Middle East rising in their respective scenes, where would you like to see the progressive scene in 5 years?

Hernan Cattaneo: I’ve always said that the idea of progressive is more about a way of playing records than the music itself. It’s a way of playing that lets you go into different styles and you make it fresh and interesting all the time.

If you listen to any of my sets, you will find selections from deep house, to melodic techno, and everything in between, plus many edits of other not so clubby tracks. So I see many more DJs exploring this style of playing and making their sets and music richer.

In my opinion, we, the so-called “prog DJs,” play a bigger variety of styles than most other kinds of DJs.

“I’ve always said that the idea of progressive is more about a way of playing records than the music itself”

EG: What sort of track selection process did you go through when picking the tracks for ‘Sunsetstrip’?

Hernan Cattaneo: That is always the painful part when you make a compilation. I normally start with about 100 tracks and start going down to 60, 40, etc. And since I always play long sets, doing this selection of 15 tracks per disc always feels too short.

EG: What’s your favorite sunset spot to play in Argentina?

Hernan Cattaneo: We did the Polo Fields in Buenos Aires a few months back and it was really, really special. Outside the city, Iguazu Falls sound like an amazing one to do.

EG: What’s your dream sunset location to play (anywhere in the world)?

Hernan Cattaneo: Too many to mention! But I will say Thailand because it is one of the very few places I’ve never been and it looks really beautiful.

Pre-order your ‘Sunsetstrip’ copy here!

01. Antrim – Jadidat – Sudbeat

02. Ezequiel Arias & Artfaq – Babel (Original Mix) – Replug

03. Facundo Mohrr – La Espere – All Day I Dream

04. John Cosani – Cooling You – Sudbeat

05. Juan Hansen – It’s A Cold World

06. Kevin Di Serna – Bemoan

07. Mariano Mellino – Val Haunter – Sudbeat

08. Memory – Quique – Sudbeat

09. Mercurio ft. Catnapp – On My Way To Hell – Balance Music

10. Mike Griego – Kismet – Plattenbank

11. Simon Vuarambon – Pandora – Sudbeat

12. Soundexile – Start

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