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Hivernacle returns to Madrid for its second edition

Featuring Colyn, Jan Blomqvist, Arodes, and Dolora.

Photo credit: Hivernacle Madrid – Official

Hivernacle Madrid, the electronic music event, is returning for its second installment at Live Las Ventas Madrid on November 19th, from 5:00 PM to 12:30 AM.

The artist lineup for the evening includes Colyn, Jan Blomqvist, Arodes, and Dolores. Colyn, known for his collaborations with Tale Of Us on the ‘Afterlife’  label, will headline the night. Jan Blomqvist will captivate attendees with his blend of Portishead, R’n’B, and Radiohead, accompanied by minimalist sounds from the 2000s. Arodes, a Spanish DJ and producer, will showcase melodic, deep, landscape-like, and cinematic sounds. María Ordoñez, also known as Dolora, will treat the audience to her progressive, house, and melodic DJ set.

Promising a unique experience under its heated transparent dome, Hivernacle Madrid will combine electronic music with an immersive atmosphere, ensuring an ideal experience for all attendees. In addition to enjoying seven and a half hours of electronic music, attendees will have access to convenient services such as food trucks, accessible bathrooms with drinking water, cloakrooms, and bars serving a variety of drinks.

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