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HMWL opposes war with ‘House Music for Peace and Love’ compilation

All proceeds from the album will be donated to the War Child charity foundation.

Photo credit: HMWL – Official

House Music With Love and Friends, a well-known music collective, has taken a stand against the ongoing conflicts happening worldwide with their latest compilation entitled ‘House Music for Peace and Love.’ This electronic album features exclusive and previously unreleased tracks contributed by 15 talented artists.

The names involved in this project include Kon Faber, Think City & Inessa feat Leonie Sky, Rïa Mehta & Unseen., Dan Bay, Urmet K, Raj El Rey, Lex Ludlow, St Ego & Jomoss & Melaniya, AELVA K, Mono & Kusten, Umannto, Afronova, Regndans, Menori, and LØC. Each artist has generously donated their time and effort to support the cause.

Recognizing that these conflicts go beyond political boundaries, House Music With Love and Friends have dedicated themselves to raising awareness and support for the innocent lives caught in the crossfire.

The proceeds from the album, both now and in the future, will be donated to the War Child Charity Foundation. This organization is dedicated to providing hope and assistance to children affected by war across the globe. By downloading or streaming the ‘House Music for Peace and Love’ compilation, music enthusiasts can actively contribute to this noble cause.

Listen to ‘House Music for Peace and Love’ and get your copy here.

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