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Illusionize updates his seminal track ‘Bass’

Revisiting the track that first put him under the international spotlight.

Photo Credit: Illusionize – Official

DJ & producer Illusionize has just shared the drop of a new version of his classic track ‘Bass’. Released 10 years ago on Sharam Jey’s label Bunny Tiger, the cut was a game changer for the three involved in the project: Illusionize, Chemical Surf, and Sharam Jey himself.

At the time, Brazil was going through a change in its sound, when artists tried to give their own characteristics to the tech house existing at the time; not by chance, many tracks from that period were labeled as Brazilian Bass.

The result couldn’t have been better, as ‘Bass’ inspired a whole generation of young music producers in Brazil. For a long time, artists tried to put in their tracks some aspects of ‘Bass’ that made the track so popular, such as the enigmatic breaks and, of course, the minimalistic yet very strong bass line.

Illusionize decided to celebrate this decade-long memory of ‘Bass’ with a rework of the track. On this occasion, he kept some elements of the original track, such as the vocals and synth base, but the drums have been completely reworked, bringing the sound to a linear Tech House groove.

Listen to Illusionize’s rework of ‘Bass’ below, and grab your copy here.

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