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Innellea: “This is the time when we need to come up with a new concept as humans and musicians”

Young and ambitious the duo Innellea does not stop surprising the techno scene. More than a simple synchronized work the duo challenges the boundaries of music and offers not only an exquisite piece of art but also a whole cosmovision and philosophy.

After five years of working together, they are well recognized among locals and the global scene. This year Innellea returns to Afterlife with another EP of unique melodic creations: The World Returns, a more mature and epic work that aims to spread a message of consciousness and brightness.

We caught up with Innellea to talk about their brand-new Afterlife EP entitled ‘The World Returns’.

Electronic Groove: Hi guys thanks for taking the time to chat with us. Tell us a bit about ‘The World Returns’, how was the creative process of this second EP on Afterlife, and what do you think you thrived in terms of the art of production and DJing?

Innellea: Thanks for the invitation. When it comes to compiling an EP we just try to do music and decide in the end which combination of tracks tells the best story. The EP title ‘The World Returns’ has a deeper meaning for us. Our planet is filled with hatred, materialism, and greed. The only thing that counts is profit, which should be earned as quickly as possible without thinking sustainably. That’s also what you can see in the music industry. How much sense is behind all this fast-paced life? For us, the world return means, that this is the time when we need to come up with a new concept as humans and musicians.

EG: Where do your musical narratives, full of greatness, heroism and epic poetry come from? Do you have any ritual, method, thoughts or perhaps an imaginary in particular that inspires you?

Innellea: Writing music, on the one hand, means expressing our everyday inspirations in the form of music, but on the other hand, it is also somehow a sealing-off from reality. The process of sitting down here in the basement at the devices with a blank sheet of paper in front of you until the song is finished is comparable to relaxation or even meditation. Hours feel like seconds, you forget about any stress and don’t feel hungry anymore but rather force yourself to eat something quickly to finish the song. First and foremost, that’s exactly what matters to us, the fun of it and the expression.

EG: With this intense tracks, eerie vocals, piercing synths, organic percussions, balancing dark and bright, producing euphoric effects, we can easily move on to other scenarios. Have you ever thought about extending the music project to other arts?

Innellea: For us, music is only a part of a big whole, a network of art in every form. This can be film, photography, fashion, and design. All these are the things that shape our daily lives and provide new inspiration every day. From this aspect, we can make sure that one day we will expand our music. How and in what context we don’t know yet, but it will happen.

EG: Based on the scene’s bpm, you move fast, but solid. Do not overproduce always work with your own music, and nobody sees you raving during the entire festival … which is your key to keep calm and what could you tell those who can get dizzy with the tricks to find certain balance?

Innellea: We always move our whole life in small bubbles and that is somehow good because you can form your own vision and follow it without being distracted and stay focused. Focus and a clear goal is our trick for staying balanced.

“Writing music, on the one hand, means expressing our everyday inspirations in the form of music, but on the other hand, it is also somehow a sealing-off from reality”

EG: What are your plans as a producer duo for next year? Any sneak peek?

Innellea: Maybe next year we will feel ready to start the process of creating an album. For us, it is extremely important that an LP is not just club music, but covers a very wide spectrum of different genres. We want to take the listener into the vast musical world of Innellea and captivate them with it.

EG: Except for the neologism itself, Innellea’s universe seems to have things clear. To counteract how fast everything loses brightness, through Afterlife Voyage 016 you compiled a 60-minutes musical journey. Similarly, what you carry out seems to reflect a direction towards certain ideas. What is your philosophy, motto or vision quest?

Innellea: As mentioned above, art plays an important role in our lives. Our vision is to live creatively and share the results with people. It’s just a lot of fun for us to live our privilege.

EG: How do you divide the annual calendar between production and travel? The adrenaline of the shows and continuous movement encourages you to produce, or vice versa?

Innellea: Influences from traveling and from the shows definitely flow into the production process. So far we have managed to divide the weekend and the shows from the studio week very well. Everyday life helps us a lot, things like meeting friends, eating out, sports, etc., to stay grounded and get back to a very structured routine during the week.

EG: To close the interview, let’s jump to a short Ping-Pong questionnaire…

EG: How to get the vibe?
Innellea: Coffee.

EG: Cement, marble or wood?
Innellea: Mostly concrete with small elements out of wood.

EG: 110 or 140 bpm?
Innellea: Both.

EG: To close a party before sunrise, or open it in a sunset?
Innellea: Open it with a sunset

EG: A favorite piece of music?
Innellea: Led Zeppelin – Stairway to heaven

Innellea’s ‘The World Returns’ is now available via Afterlife. Buy and stream here.

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