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Innellea – Vigilans – Afterlife

Innellea – Vigilans – Afterlife

In-form German outfit Innellea has been making huge strides this year so far, and ‘Vigilans‘ is a marvelous way to cap it off. The Augsburg-based duo now land on Afterlife, a household name in the modern electronica scene, with their biggest release to date. Thunderous low ends, rock-style drum-lines, and synths. Synths in all shapes and sizes. And grit. A lot of it. In ‘Vigilans’, Innellea bring the night-out your new white kicks are screaming for.

This is handcrafted German techno at it’s best. ‘Vigilans’ is the opening track, and it feels like it just came up from the sweatiest basement you can possibly imagine. A rare hybrid, it blends rock and electronica in style, as retro-futuristic synth lines meander in a rock-solid frame comprised by an earthquaking bassline.

Impurity’, the second track, sees the german duo’s most sensitive side, as they go for a slower drive. The climax is violently beautiful, but the drive is a more cinematic affaire as a whole. Deeper and darker, expect this hear his one a lot in the coming months.

Rhytidome’ is all about the synths. As lines swirl, and fade in and out, only to give way to new lines, the drums take centre stage with them, keeping the story alive with clever patterns and interventions. A more entrancing approach to techno, bound to become a staple in melodic techno sets. And it just sets us up perfectly for ‘Weigela’, a sinister and dusty ride.

Here, the boys show off something more that just very good production skills. They go for something that makes an even bigger impact, an idea. ‘Weigela’ is a unique creation no doubt. Like ‘Vigilans’, it feels like different tracks, taped up and patched together, with that kind of ‘give zero fucks’ attitude you can only achieve from really knowing what you’re doing. Vivid images coexist with lo-fi resolution screenshots in this one, to round up yet another breathtaking proposal from the Afterlife family.

Inellea’s ‘Vigilans’ is already available. Grab your copy here.

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