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Anna Tur: “I believe that music is the vaccine”

Translated by: Angie Nowacki

We had the opportunity to discover the brave soul of a world-class voice and artist who fearlessly follows her heart, as she described herself in an intimate and sincere talk.

We are in the recording studios of ‘On Air with Anna Tur’ in Ibiza, a connection between yesterday and today like alchemy for the soul through a 122 bpm electronic tech house set. The seven editions can be downloaded on different platforms worldwide including iTunes, Spotify, PodBean, Amazon Music, Listen Notes, Overcast, Pocket Cast, Alexa, and TuneIn.

She seems relaxed, sitting in the lotus position, and begins: “Since I have started my career, I knew that deep in my heart, there was an internal struggle between developing my artistic side or my director side”. She continues to reflect on how she managed to deal with the many changes in her life, her transition post lockdown, and her connection with the soul through music. Find out with us through this interview with Anna Tur.

Electronic Groove: Hello, Anna, and thank you for joining us today. What positive aspects can you highlight in this new stage of your life?

Anna Tur: Thanks for the invite. I tried to make people understand that I was able of dedicating myself to each of my professions, but the truth is that I did not have any time to actually live my life.

I have been focused on activities like going to the beach, spending time with the animals on the family farm, spending a whole afternoon in my mother’s Balinese bed, or having that pending coffee with my dad… Now, I am using the time to think from another perspective.

I believe that if this whole situation had not happened, I would have kept my lifestyle for a couple of years, harming my health. I was not in a good place anymore, but I did not have the time to reflect on that. Now, I need to take care of myself and everything that life entails.

EG: Have you reconsidered your way of living after the lockdown?

Anna Tur: It meant a pause to my rising career at the artistic level. At the same time, my other profession, radio, was also on hiatus, and I felt I had to start listening to myself. I found myself surrounded by people who I adored, but who were acting in a selfish way. In the end, nature is selfish… They will find their own way, eventually. In the meantime, why should I give everything when they are not giving back?

EG: Do you believe that crises bring out the best in people?

Anna Tur: After being 16 years in charge of the radio, learning from the best educators, and with the family illusion, I reached a point when I had to set boundaries and face the facts, which lead to the end of an era and I am grateful for it. After my experiences with myself and with the people around me, I’m now aware that fear of the unknown also brings out the worst in people.

EG: How do you deal with the stress that changes bring?

Anna Tur: When you are not healthy, you lack the will to work. This is deeply linked to mental health. Therefore, I’m invested in my spiritual growth through a new method that activates the energy of the chakras. Discovering this method has empowered me as much as meditation has.

“Electronic music is a way of connecting with
feelings and the soul”

EG: How do you achieve the alchemy that turns energy into music for the soul?

Anna Tur: Our main role is to make people forget their daily worries for a while, as when you read a book. A track can be a lifelong work, it is a landscape with a lot of background work. There is also the alchemy, that spark that makes you hold on during the journey, spend a few hours together and keep on living.

EG: Do you think electronic music can be helpful to mental health?

Anna Tur: On many occasions, electronic music is a way of connecting with feelings and the soul. You can progress from melancholy to joyfulness. Every piece of music is composed of overtones, tones, and melodies that awaken a certain feeling in the listener. At the mental level, they produce different modes such as euphoria, and that feeling that makes you wanna dance… Wow! And have a great time.

EG: What fascinates you in a track for you to include it in your DJ set?

Anna Tur: It must have something special, the ability to transmit a feeling that makes you smile and touches the soul. The most important thing is to tell a story to the audience, and if it is a great one, you connect with them. My sound, however, is techno house.

EG: Which new sounds have you experimented with?

Anna Tur: I have invested time in testing new technologies and updating my devices. I discovered an electronic techno sound at 116 – 118 BPM which I haven’t tried before and I really enjoy it.

“The most important thing is to tell a story to the audience, and if it’s a great one, you connect with them”

EG: What is your place of choice to play your music and how is the preselection of tracks?

Anna Tur: Any hippie place in a natural environment, as when we met in Las Dalias last time (she laughs). For example, before my sets, I need to connect with the place. I need to inhale the vibe in the crowd for a while to be able to analyze the audience. It may be due to my deep knowledge about customer behavior.

EG: How do you face the challenges of this new world in the electronic music industry?

Anna Tur: I’m hopeful for the future. I hope they come up with a solution to prolong lives.  Anyway, I believe that music is the vaccine, even though electronic music is going through tough times globally.

In the Balearic Islands, clubs have been closed for more than one year and still, there are more COVID-19 cases than ever. Blaming the nightlife is the easy way, but the truth is there has been zero control in airports with PCR tests and the new outbreaks are not because of the nightlife.

EG: As an artist, what do you feel responsible for?

Anna Tur: Now, more than ever, I feel responsible at a personal level with my working team. As an artist, I’ll keep on broadcasting music on my podcast that is on free download on every platform.

EG: What is coming next?

Anna Tur: I’m currently focused on leading my own life and continue working in a new interactive platform that includes additional features such as the radio. We’re hopeful that it would see the light next year.

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