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BONDI: “There Is No Constant Formula For Us When It Comes To Creating Music”

BONDI: “There is no constant formula for us when it comes to creating music”

BONDI is an electronic live act consisting of Daniel Archut and Alexander Schug. After meeting up for the first time in 2013 they developed their own musical character, defined by danceable deep house beats, mixed with indie elements, a variety of synth sounds, other instruments and organic recorded material.

Now, the duo comes out with a new EP ‘Away from Heaven’. Here below what they had to say.

Electronic Groove: Hi guys and welcome back. You have a new EP coming out on Bar 25 Music. What are the expectations behind this release?

BONDI: Thanks for the invite. This time we put a lot of effort into the main track ‘Away from Heaven’. Not only in the music production but also in a music video in which we involved a lot of friends. We hope that the listener will like “away from heaven” as much as our latest releases.

Electronic Groove: In terms of vibes, what were you looking to create when producing it?

BONDI:  The vibe is a logical sequel of the sound and style we’ve evolved over the last two years. The songs ‘Land of the Blind‘ and ‘Mission Control’ were released during this time episode. They were the first finished expressions of this soundscape which combines modern house elements with a driven electrical guitar line (which is the main element in all of these tracks).

Electronic Groove: Does your surroundings play a role in the outcome of your music or do you just focus and plug into your creative side?

BONDI:  There is no constant formula for us when it comes to creating music. Sometimes it’s a new surrounding or a new experience which we had and just brings you an amazing idea. But sometimes it’s also a process which involves a lot of focus ending up in a hard piece of work. But a good outcome always justifies the process, however, it took place.

Electronic Groove: Have you acquired any new gear that has been a great addition to your studio?

BONDI:  Actually yes, a beautiful little delay guitar pedal from Meris and a small Synth from the Japanese brand KORG, the minilogue xd. Both of these machines are creativity booster, especially working with the synth brings us immediately in a very comforting creative zone. But for creating ‘Away From Heaven’ our most important tool was again Alex electrical guitar. It’s not a new addition but for us always a versatile tool when we start new song ideas.

“Away from Heaven vibe is a logical sequel of the sound and style we’ve evolved over the last two years”

Electronic Groove: The EP is tied to a video. What can you tell about it? What was the inspiration and who directed it?

BONDI:  The song is about two monologues from two different types of people or let’s call it state of minds. One is optimistic and the other one is the skepticism. We let many different people sing our song to show that every human being goes through a cycle in their lifetime here on earth in which we sometimes see the glass half full and sometimes half empty. The state of mind is changeable and we have the power to change it. Benno Blome directed the video and worked with us together to bring this idea on screen.

Electronic Groove: What do you think is the importance of videos in releasing music nowadays?

BONDI: A good song should stand for itself. But we don’t just have this one sense which comes with our ears. So it’s very exciting and fulfilling to also have some stimulation for our other senses, especially when everything comes together and syncs with the music (in this case the music video). Nowadays it’s even more important than a few years back because our whole approach of media consume changed into moved or animated image. So we are very excited to also have collected some more footage during the production of the video which we want to use for an upcoming visual show. That’s how we can get a similar experience to the concert venues and clubs as well.

Electronic Groove: How did your relation with Bar 25 Music come together?

BONDI: A few years ago we used to play regularly at the amazing ‘Bordel des Arts’ parties at the beautiful underground venue Wilde Renate in our hometown Berlin. Once they asked us to for a compilation which was released on Bar 25 Music. After this label owner Danny Faber reached out to us and since then they released over 9 of our songs. Our musical vision and their label work are fitting quite well together, so we’re happy to release ‘Away From Heaven’ here as well.

Electronic Groove: Do you have any favorites from their catalog?

BONDI: It’s hard to tell, they have many great releases.

“A good song should stand for itself”

Electronic Groove: Are there any special gigs lined up with the release of the EP?

BONDI: Yes, there is a small release tour planned for the release with shows in Moscow (Radi Mira), Munich (Harry Klein) and Zurich (off location). But we try to keep the time between the years a little more chilled to have some time for focusing on our first album. We’re in the middle of the writing process right now.

EG: Thanks again!

BONDI: Thanks for having us!

BONDI’s ‘Away from Heaven’ will be out November 22nd. Grab your copy here

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