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Hernan Cattaneo & Nick Warren discuss their ADE ’19 showcase

Progressive house icons Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren will be delivering an ‘all-day’ show during the next edition of Amsterdam Dance Event. The event will take place on October 18th in the concert hall of Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ.

Ahead of their October 18th show Hernan and Nick took an hour of their time to talk with us about their upcoming showcase. For more info and tickets click here.

Electronic Groove: Hello guys and welcome back to EG. We’re quite excited about your Soundgarden x Sudbeat ADE event. How do you both feel about it and what would you say is special about this edition?

Hernan Cattaneo: It’s a pleasure to be here. It always feels great to do our flagship events and the ADE ones have always been a highlight in our yearly schedule. The Netherlands is one of the best countries in the world for our sound. We’ve been playing here for a long time. We like the crowd and they like us too so it’s really a pleasure. We just did a back-to-back at Loveland and it was super good.

Nick Warren: Thank you guys, we’re so excited too! It is a tradition we love and it seems to come around faster each year. It’s a pleasure and an honor for us to be working with the Audio Obscura crew this year.

EG: The venue is divided in 4 rooms where Miss Melera and Dimitri will be playing an all-day/night set as well as both of you. How did the selection of artists come together? How did the idea of doing all day/night sets come about?

Hernan Cattaneo: We like to play long sets, and also we like to push our label artists as well as working with our Dutch friends, so it was a very easy decision. Also, we have Audio Obscura as promoters of the show which is great.

Nick Warren: We have The Soundgarden and Sudbeat crews who are involved every year and Audio Obscura came up with the idea of Dimitri doing his own room. Plus it is important to have a female DJ on the lineup and Miss Melera is a great friend to us all.

EG: The Church Room packs some of each label’s residents including Gustin, Graziano Raffa, Interaxxis, Nicolas Rada, Nick Varon & Marcelo Vasami. What can attendees expect here? 

Hernan Cattaneo: Well, the guys play really great stuff and have been doing a lot of our labels showcases, so I can only say good things about them. Its a very nice feeling to see how much they have grown along the way.

Nick Warren: All the guys have their own styles and will rock that room all day long. I’m just upset I can’t go and check it out myself because I’ll be manning the decks in another room (laughs).

EG: What are your thoughts on ADE compared to other festivals gatherings like Miami Music Week, for example? 

Hernan Cattaneo: Amsterdam Dance Event its been the most consistent industry event for many many years, the same way Miami used to be in the ’90s and early ’00s. The Dutch are some of the best at organizing events, media, music talks, and the shows are really high level, plus you have the beauty of Amsterdam and people attending from all over the world.

Nick Warren: ADE is the main industry event in the world of dance music these days, nothing comes close, everyone in the industry is there and it’s a must-do. We are very lucky to have continued our joined showcase for many years already and in several iconic locations including Thuishaven, Panama and now the concert hall Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ.

“I think we both enjoy a lot working together and that goes all into the atmosphere of the shows”

EG: What role does the local culture and crowd play in the success of an event like ADE? 

Hernan Cattaneo: A big one because they lead the way in many ways (promoters, DJs, producers, and crowd) and also they welcome big time the clubbers that travel every year to ADE.

Nick Warren: I think the great thing about ADE is the fact there everyone from all over the globe is there sharing the moment. That being said, the Dutch crowd is very clued-up and welcoming.

EG: You’ve been playing back-to-back for quite some time. What is the main difference of playing individually against working as a duo?

Hernan Cattaneo: I guess both of us bring something extra to the table compared to our individual shows and obviously a lot of people see it that way so promoters keep booking us together. I think we both enjoy a lot working together and that goes all into the atmosphere of the shows. We are not newcomers, so most people attending the parties know what we type of music and vibe will give them.

Nick Warren: Playing back-to-back with Hernan is great fun! It’s really enjoyable to hear what new music he has got and we always have a laugh together.

EG: What do you think are each others’ strengths and qualities as a DJ and a producer?

Hernan Cattaneo: Nick is a master of groove and melody, both as DJ and producer, and always plays the best quality music from the start creating an instant good party. Sometimes it takes me longer time to lock the room. Nick does it in two records 🙂

Nick Warren: Hernan is rock solid, gets on a great groove and always has top tracks to play. He’s also a very reliable friend and colleague, so I’m very lucky.

EG: When performing back-to-back, Is there any set planning involved? Can you elaborate on the development process of the set and the track selection?

Hernan Cattaneo: There are no plans ever. The only rule is 3 tracks each.

Nick Warren: We never discuss it, we both trust each other’s taste and quickly get into the flow.

EG: Over the years both of you have created a solid fan base. Any special message you would like to say to them?

Hernan Cattaneo: We really cherish our worldwide fanbase, they give us so much deep support that we couldn’t ask for anything else and just try our best to give them back at every show.

Nick Warren: Keep on rocking people, there is amazing music being made everywhere and we are very lucky to be the people that get to play it for you. Thank you so much for your continuous support, we really appreciate it.

EG: Thanks for the support. See you in Amsterdam

Sudbeat x The Soundgarden will take place at Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ on October 18th. For more info and tickets click here

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