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Cee ElAssaad: “It’s all about freedom, innovation, and resonance.”

Renowned producer Cee ElAssaad marks a significant milestone in his career with the launch of his new imprint, ENSOULED.

The label’s inaugural release, ‘CLEVER,’ featuring vocals by Jaidene Veda, crafts a sonic experience that is both immersive and emotionally resonant. This release sets the stage for what promises to be an exciting journey for Cee ElAssaad and ENSOULED.

Below is our conversation with the artist where we discussed the release and label plans.

EG: Hi Cee, welcome to EG. Where are you right now?

Cee ElAssaad: Hi, thanks for the invite. I’m locked in my studio in Casablanca, Morocco.

EG: Congratulations on the launch of your new label, ENSOULED! What inspired you to start your own imprint, and what can listeners expect from the music you plan to release under this new venture?

Cee ElAssaad: After 14 years of releasing music on other labels, I felt it was time to leverage my experience and knowledge to launch my own label, ENSOULED. Our mission is to break barriers, defy genres, and foster creativity. The imprint stands for freedom, innovation, and resonance, offering artists the platform to express their unique visions beyond traditional market expectations.

EG: Your inaugural release on ENSOULED, “CLEVER,” featuring Jaidene Veda, has been described as a soulful house masterpiece. Can you share with us the creative process behind this track and how working with Jaidene influenced its sound?

Cee ElAssaad: Classified as Soulful House, ‘CLEVER’ is a fusion of various influences spanning electronic, soul, Latin, Afro, and Balearic sounds. Crafting it was a fulfilling process, even though I’m not a trained musician. As a producer with a musical background, I found joy in every second of its creation. Collaborating with the uniquely talented Jaidene Veda made it truly special. ‘CLEVER’ is not just a track but a cherished milestone in my journey.

EG: ‘CLEVER’ radiates a timeless allure and musical authenticity. How do you approach infusing your productions with such organic warmth and depth?

Cee ElAssaad: My musical philosophy was always anti-genres and classifications. Since I discovered music in my childhood, genres have never been my thing; I enjoyed all kinds; what did matter to me was the quality of the compositions and the emotions they carried. Even now, as I continue to create, I prioritize authenticity and resonance with my heart over conforming to any particular style. For me, music is all about the freedom to express and connect through sound.

“As I continue to create, I prioritize authenticity and resonance with my heart over conforming to any particular style”

EG: Jaidene Veda’s vocal performance on “CLEVER” adds a sensual elegance to the track. What was it like collaborating with her, and how do you believe her contribution enhances the song’s overall vibe?

Cee ElAssaad: As I mentioned before, collaborating with Jaidene was a long-awaited opportunity. I’ve admired her work for over a decade, and when I created this song, I knew she was the missing piece to take it to new heights. This collaboration has truly been a blessing, and I’m grateful for the entire experience.

EG: As a DJ and producer with a unique style influenced by various genres, how do you see ENSOULED contributing to the evolution of electronic music in 2024 and beyond?

Cee ElAssaad: From the outset of my career, finding labels willing to embrace my unique sound was challenging. My music defied traditional genres and formulas, reflecting my belief that creativity should never be constrained. ENSOULED comes today as a musical shelter for young artists navigating similar struggles. Our vision is simple: no boundaries, just soulful music driven by quality and authenticity.

EG: You’ve been touring the world for over a decade now. How has your global journey influenced your music and the direction of your career?

Cee ElAssaad: Touring the world has been an amazing experience, visiting places I never thought I’d see and feeling the love from people everywhere. It’s shown me that music is a universal language that connects us all, no matter where we’re from. This experience fuels my passion to create more and share my music with even more people across the globe.

EG: With your vast experience in the industry, what advice would you give to aspiring producers and artists looking to make their mark in the electronic music scene?

Cee ElAssaad: The advice I’d offer young artists is to Be honest, not just with your audience, but with yourself. Express your truest self in your music. When you do that, everything else falls into place. That’s the key to making a lasting impact in this scene.

EG: In addition to your musical endeavors, do you have any recommendations for movies, books, or other forms of art that have inspired you recently?

Cee ElAssaad: Recently, I’ve been engrossed in ‘Dilla Time’ by Dan Charnas, delving into the remarkable journey of J Dilla from his beginnings in Detroit to his Grammy-nominated success as a hip-hop producer.

As for a timeless favorite, ‘The Awakening of Intelligence’ by J. Krishnamurti holds a special place in my heart. This profound book completely shifted my perspective on life and philosophy.

“Quality music will inevitably carve out its own space and find its audience”

EG: The music industry is constantly evolving, especially with the rise of streaming platforms and social media. How do you navigate these changes as an artist and now as a label owner?

Cee ElAssaad: In today’s fast-paced digital age, everything is constantly evolving. However, the timeless adage holds true: where there is a will, there is a way. Quality music will inevitably carve out its own space and find its audience.

EG: Diversity and inclusivity are important topics in the music industry. What are your thoughts on the representation of women in electronic music, and how do you aim to support and elevate diverse voices through ENSOULED?

Cee ElAssaad: It’s very important to acknowledge and honor the diverse contributions of women in our scene. They are the backbone of our communities. In ENSOULED’s vision, equality and diversity are paramount. Regardless of race, gender, religion, or color, everyone is welcome as long as they bring quality music to the table.

EG: Thanks for the time, and all the best.

Cee ElAssaad: Thank you for the invitation. It’s been a pleasure. Remember, it’s all about freedom, innovation, and resonance.

Cee ElAssaad’s  ‘CLEVER’ is now available via   ENSOULED. Stream and download here.

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