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Citizen Kain: “I Want To Invite All Our Fans To Come And Spend One Great Night With Us”

Citizen Kain: “I want to invite all our fans to come and spend one great night with us”

Prolific author, either compulsive, Citizen Kain takes on every techno genders smoothly with an experienced technique. He combines a rhythm efficiency, an undisputed go with a varied melodious sensibility.

Now he joins D-Formation‘s Beatfreak Recordings & prjct UNDRGRND, in collaboration with Late AM Records & John Doe Club to present the ADE edition of This is Beatfreak!

The Spanish label known for high-quality electronic music is returning for its second showcase at ADE for a 10-hour journey. The event will run from 10 PM till 7 AM. For more information click here.

Electronic Groove: Hi Bruno, thanks for joining us! How has your summer been?

Citizen Kain: Hi, my summer has been very nice, I played in a lot of great gigs and festival and I also worked a lot in the studio to prepare my upcoming releases.

Electronic Groove: Tell us what led you down the path of wanting to be a producer and DJ?

Citizen Kain: Well, I was a guitar player and singer in metal bands, I was already composer in this style of music, so when I discovered techno and house, it became obvious to compose and deejaying.

Electronic Groove: Recently you came up together with the Beatfreak label boss D-Formation again and remixing an original track by D-Nox, Lonya, and Dj Zombi. Tell us how did you get involved in this project?

Citizen Kain: D-Formation is a good friend, we already worked together several times on tracks or myself as a producer for Beatfreak, so when he asked me to remix the track with him, I accepted without hesitation. I’m also an old fan of the music of D-Nox, it was a pleasure to remix him and his friends.

Electronic Groove: The well established Spanish Beatfreak Recordings will be holding its showcase at ADE this year. You have been invited as a headliner among other great artists such as the label boss himself D-Formation, Teenage Mutants, and Hannes Bieger. How do you feel about this invitation?

Citizen Kain: I’m really honored with this invitation, I know we will spend an awesome moment and I’m super excited to meet all the artists from Beatfreak that I don’t know yet. I can’t wait for this party!

“When I discovered techno and house, it became obvious to compose and deejaying”

Electronic Groove: Tell us when and where the event will be held?

Citizen Kain: The event will be October 19th at John Doe Club in Amsterdam and I will play back-to-back with D-Formation. It starts from 10 PM till 7 AM in a very nice venue in the center of Amsterdam. With this interview, I want to invite all our fans to come and spend one great night with us.

Electronic Groove: What we can expect from you in the near future?

Citizen Kain: I worked a lot in the studio these last 2 months, I made something like 6 remixes for Beatfreak, Sincopat, Selador, Patent Skillz, Ritual… And I also made some originals, so you can expect more music, a lot of new releases and to dance a lot!

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