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Cristian Varela: “Music-Passion & Respect is one of the most important projects of my life”

Cristian Varela celebrates 25 years of his career. This artist plays a very important roll in the history of electronic music in Spain, being an indispensable part in the construction of the national industry of dance music and one of Spain’s pioneer international artists.

Throughout all these years, Cristian Varela has been awarded with more than 40 prizes by the main media of the music industry. In Spain he treasures dozens of awards designating him as best DJ of the country. He also received at the International DJ Awards, Best Techno DJ in 2007 and 2013, the only Spanish artist to receive these honours, naming him the ambassador of Spanish Techno, an artist who shines his own light in every corner of the planet.

We caught up with Cristian to talk about his new documentary ‘Music – Passion & Respect’.

Electronic Groove: Hi, Cristian, thanks for taking the time to chat with us today. Your brand new documentary ‘Music – Passion & Respect’ was released on February 28. Can you tell us a bit more about this project?

Cristian Varela: Thanks for the invite. ‘Music-Passion-Respect’ is one of the most important projects of my life because it’s all about my first 25 years of career in the music world from 1991. The most exciting and unexpected feedbacks from my best colleagues and friends in the industry really touched my heart very deeply.

EG: How long has the documentary been in the works and why did you decide to make it?

Cristian Varela: The producers and all my team have worked very hard during 3 years to compile all the archives, media, flyers, photos and all the material from other artists like Carl Cox or Chris Liebing… who collaborated with me for this amazing documentary.

The main concept it’s about to inform the new generation of electronic followers about the beginnings of techno music in my loved country Spain and the influence of our sound in the rest of the globe.

EG: The film features interviews from the likes of Carl Cox, Chris Liebing, Luciano and Pepe Rosello as well as your close family and friends. Which people have been the biggest inspirations for you over the course of your career?

Cristian Varela: My inspiration is coming from diverse musical genres between the classical music (mainly the Barroc period), composers like Haendel, Bach or Vivaldi and groups like Kraftwerk, Front 242, Nitzerebb, Split Second or Depeche Mode and Aphex Twin. Crazy but special combination!

EG: You’ve been at the forefront of the dance music industry for almost three decades. What, in your opinion, does it take for an artist to stay relevant for such a long period of time?

Cristian Varela: With no doubt is my passion for the music and the respect for all my colleagues who grew up together with me from the begining of the 90’s and the huge learning mood between each other to create the sound of today as a legacy for the new generations producers and DJs.

“I am excited to release my new album very soon with a selection of my best creations produced during the last 2 years”

EG: How do you think the electronic music industry has changed most since the early 90’s, when you started out?

Cristian Varela: Honestly in my opinion, only the platforms, the technology and the professionalism have changed. The sounds are cycling constantly during the decades and now lots of the old waves are coming back, even the vinyl!

EG: How’s your calendar looking like in terms of releases?

Cristian Varela: I’m very focused from a few years ago in the studio searching new combinations between the old school sounds and the new wave music. The result is something very organic and special. That’s why I am excited to release my new album very soon with a selection of my best creations produced during the last 2 years. Some remixes and EP’s also coming soon.

EG: How about on the touring side, what cities you will be visiting soon?

Cristian Varela: I’m very happy to visit again Japan and of course  South America but I’m curious about Australia because I never been there. Now focused in the UK where I’m living from 3 years ago working with Roland Instruments and my residency in one of the most prestigious clubs in London, Studio Spaces-E1, where I’m also working as promotor with my old label Black Codes Experiments created in 1999 with collabs from good friends such as Regis, Mark Broom, Ken Ishii, Tensal, P.E.A.R.L, Takaaki Itoh, The advent… or my new label partner and great producer Ian Axide.

EG: Finally, what’s next for you in 2019? Any cool projects we should know about?

Cristian Varela: Black Codes Experiments tour, new album, new live show, new releases in great labels coming very soon!

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