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Dachshund: “I Wanted To Keep It Raw, Hypnotic And Danceable”

Dachshund: “I wanted to keep it raw, hypnotic and danceable”

The second installment of Integrity Record’s ‘We Are Friends’ series features one of Swiss finest and more prolific DJ/producer Dachshund, real name Oliver Doret, pairing up with label founder Eddie Niguel. First appearing on the label with a remix, the two have been fans of each other’s work over the years so this seems like a natural pairing for both producers.

We caught up with Dachshund to talk about his experience producing these tracks, highlights of 2018 and plans for 2019.

Electronic Groove: Hi, Dachshund, thanks for chatting with us today. You just released a new EP, part of the ‘We Are Friends’ series hosted by Integrity Records. How did you link with them?

Dachshund: Hello all. It was in the middle of 2016, we had a first contact on social media. Eddie Niguel and I realized that we like each other’s work. Naturally came the idea to do something on his label but at that time I was busy working on my second album, so it took a few years before it happened. In 2018 came out a ‘The Models’ remix and now our collaborative EP.

After finishing my album I thought about who will be in charge of the mastering? When chatting with him, I discovered that he was involved with that part too. I felt that he had good musical sensitivity and also liked the color of his sound in general, so I asked him to do it for my album. He did a great job!

EG: What was the inspiration to produce the ‘Must Say’ track?

Dachshund: On this track, I started with the chords sound that I’ve finished with a Korg analog synth. It’s the center of the track, it’s not very sophisticated, it’s simple and effective. The inspiration came from this and all the track is built around it to serve it. I wanted to keep it raw, hypnotic and danceable.

EG: How was the experience to work with Eddie Niggel on ‘DXE’. What was the production process?

Dachshund: The experience was completely positive. Eddie is a very nice and easy person to work with. As we live 10’482 km far away, we where sharing ideas and audio files via internet. We were completely transparent to each other when we like or dislike something, so it really made the process simpler. We started with rhythm and bass, loops ideas and then adding more sounds and flavors… it’s a little bit like cooking food with someone, it’s fun and you always learn something.

EG: In other topics, how was 2018 for you? Can you mention your most important highlights?

Dachshund: To be honest, 2018 was a bit quiet regarding my number of gigs. Highlights where more about personal achievement and exchanges with other musicians. But mentioning two will be, my visit to the synthesizer museum, SMEM, located in Fribourg. It’s absolutely amazing and huge, I’d recommend it to everyone if you have the opportunity to visit. The second one is a live performance at Club Le Zoo in Geneva. We, 7 electronic musicians and 2 visual artists, played in the middle of a square podium in the center of the dancefloor, surrounded by visuals mapping and leds. We played on a real reggae/dub sound-system, with speakers in every corner of the room. Each speaker tower where connected independently to a mixer, so the sound of each performer could be spread on different corners of the club. I had a blast on this jam, especially when using hardware instruments.

“We were completely transparent to each other when we like or dislike something,
so it really made the process simpler”

EG: What was your favorite track of the year?

Dachshund: It’s difficult to pick only one track, they are so many quality productions but let’s choose one…. I would say maybe Robert Hood – Low Life.

EG: What are you looking to achieve in 2019?

Dachshund: I’ve got some EP’s coming out in 2019. One soon on Bar 25 Music, a 4-track release including a Dilby remix. Another one on Clapper, it’s a 2-track release that we’ve made with Dave The Hustler under our Valpen duo aka. Also one planed on Fantastic Friends and few others in the pipeline, more info coming soon… 

EG: Any booked gig that you already looking forward?

Dachshund: The next gig I’m looking forward is in my home town Geneva, it is at the Audio Club, a huge venue with two rooms, one very big and the other one smaller. I will play all night long in the small one. I’m excited to do the warm up, the peak time and the end. I feel you can really express yourself with different genres.

EG: What would be your message to the young talents that are starting their musical career?

Dachshund: Focus on the thing that brought you where you are, the love of the music.

We are Friends Part II is available on Integrity Records. Get your copy here.

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