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Guy Manztur: “Israel Has Become One Of The Worldwide Leading Destinations For Music”

Guy Manztur: “Israel has become one of the worldwide leading destinations for music”

Guy Mantzur specializes in creating electronic music that defies over-simple genre classification. Drawing influences from tech house, techno and proper progressive house, he creates his own distinctive musical template that has seen him establish himself as a top DJ/Producer worldwide. He is instantly recognizable through his unique hypnotic melodies and seductive grooves, both in his productions and his DJ sets.

We caught with Guy Mantzur to talk about his latest release on Lost & Found, ‘Chasing The Fog’.

Electronic Groove: Hi Guy, thanks for your time today! You recently came back from Burning Man. How was the experience?

Guy Mantzur: Hey! Thanks for having me here. Burning man is really something special, I think that the fact that everyone is disconnected from all social media, internet and money, changes totally our regular perspective on life.
People there are more into talk and listen with everyone around, giving things for free and helping others all the time. Add to this, the magic playa environment and vibes and you’ll get an extraordinary feeling.

EG: We‘re expecting your new EP ‘Chasing The Fog’ EP on Lost & Found. Are you excited about it? We guess that you’ve tested the tracks different times, what has been the audiences’ reaction?

Guy Mantzur: I’m super excited with these two tracks because both of them are really special to me, additionally I’m back on Lost & Found after a long time, makes it double exciting for me.

I finished this EP more than 6 months ago, but we were delaying the date finding the right time for the vinyl release. This gave me plenty of time to test the tracks and got really amazed by the crowd’s reactions and appreciation for these new tunes.

EG: Can you elaborate on the inspiration behind the production?

Guy Mantzur: As always in my music, my inspiration comes from different things in life, lately I feel inspired from places I’m visiting and by people I meet along the way.

EG: You were part of the Lost & Found festival debut. Do you think the event achieved its initial goals? What anecdotes can you share from it?

Guy Mantzur: The Lost & Found Festival was a huge success for us, the music, vibes and people all were blend together into a perfect dreamy afternoon, it was just as we planned and dreamed of. Guy J and I talked about this festival idea for a long time and we were very happy with the outcome, now we set our minds into the future hoping to bring it to new destinations.

EG: You are also booked for 4-hour back-to-back Dj set with Guy J during ADE week. Do you have a special preparation for this kind of gigs?

Guy Mantzur: I love playing back-to-back with Guy, always makes me excited and energetic because he is one of my favorite producers and DJ’s as well as my very good friend.

Usually for the ADE sets I prefer to play all the newest music I’ve recently created, I try to finish all my pending tracks, so the crowd can expect the latest from my label and me.

EG: What’s planned for the rest of the year?

Guy Mantzur: I just came back from tours in South America & India, which were great. I’m visiting next Manchester, Baku, Mauritius, Greece, London, and Amsterdam.

EG: What’s the current situation of the electronic music scene in Israel. Any favorite location to play at? Any up and coming artists we should keep an eye?

Guy Mantzur: These days the electronic scene in my country is in one of the best periods it had for the last two years. Israel has become one of the wordlwide leading locations for music. There are parties every day and during the weekends different International DJs visit us regularly. Also, there are many Open Air parties at special locations and worldwide festivals such as DGTL, Innervisions’ Lost in a Moment, as well as great local productions.

As you know there are many Israeli talented producers and DJ’s. Just to mention a few are Khen, Chaim, Lonya, Chicola, Sahar Z, Guy Gerber, Red Axes and lots of rising stars such as Jenia Tarsul, Maydan, Stephan Bazbaz and more.

EG: What was your favorite summer show?

Guy Mantzur: Wow, each show has its own magic so I can’t really choose one, its like choosing your favorite son.

Guy Mantzur’s ‘Chasing The Fog’ is already available. Grab your copy here

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