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In2Deep: “We’ve Been Very Close With A Lot Of The Artists Who’ve Signed With Us”

In2Deep: “We’ve been very close with a lot of the artists who’ve signed with us”

In2Deep is an Egyptian Montreal-based duo created out of both members’ instinctive desire to write and share their music.

Their sets are expressive journeys distinguished by their emotional yet groovy edge, blending house, techno and anything in between, all while maintaining a natural flow through impeccable mixing and programming. Their versatile DJing style has resulted in them sharing bills with some of the world’s most revered selectors over the years. We had the chance to chat with In2Deep ahead of their latest release on their own label L’enfant terrible.

Electronic Groove: Hi guys, thanks for the time to chat with us. To get things started we would like to know how you guys met and when you decided to work together?

In2Deep: Hey, thanks for having us. We met in 2004 when we both coincidentally moved to Montreal from Egypt for university. We were sitting next to each other in a boring class and started chatting to pass the time. We got kicked out so we went for a beer and haven’t looked back.

Electronic Groove: What about your musical backgrounds. Are you guys classically trained or did you learn to play by ear?

In2Deep: No, we’re not. We both started DJing first then production years later. After a lot of fooling around, we started coming up with decent tracks that labels wanted to sign.

Electronic Groove: Where does the name In2Deep come from?

In2Deep: There’s no deep story behind it. I (Hassan) had been doing a podcast series called In Too Deep at the time, then when Omar and I started making music together we thought it’d be a cool name for a duo. Has nothing to do with “Deep House” either. We were actually strictly disco back then. Then we slowly drifted into the deeper sound we’re making now. 

Electronic Groove: You’ve been producing for a few labels. Does the process or inspiration change from one label to another?

In2Deep: Yes, it does. We either start a track with a certain label in mind and try to make something for them, or we come up with something random that we like then try to figure out who might want to sign it. That’s one of the main reasons we decided to start our own label. We were coming up with material that we thought was good, but that didn’t really fit anywhere else, so we were like why not have our own platform where we can be a little more flexible.

“We prefer being flexible like that rather than sticking to a particular style”

Electronic Groove: Can you tell us a little more about your label L’enfant terrible?

In2Deep: Well we started the label in 2013. The first release was by YokoO and was remixed by us, Pablo Bolivar and Matthias. This EP really put the label on the map. Here we are 3 and a half years later and we’re still going. We’ve been very close with a lot of the artists who’ve signed with us. We did some label showcases and pressed on vinyl so it’s been a great ride so far. 

Electronic Groove: As mentioned above, you’ve collaborated with Pablo Bolivar and YokoO. How was the experience of working with them?

In2Deep: It’s great! These guys have been doing it for so long so you learn so much from spending time in the studio with them. And it’s amazing to see them put their ideas to work. We’ve been fans of their music for a very long time so to sit down and work with artists of that caliber is just a blessing.

Electronic Groove: How would you describe your style?

In2Deep: Production wise our past few releases have been on the slower more melancholic side. DJing wise it’s really hard to say. Between the two of us, our playlists will range from ambient to disco to techno. We just buy everything we like. So we’re always faced with the challenge of building a good set on the spot that works with the space we’re playing. But we prefer being flexible like that rather than sticking to a particular style.

Electronic Groove: Is there a particular workflow or preparation that goes into place when djing as a duo?

In2Deep: Not sure how other duos do it, but with us, we don’t prepare together. Each of us goes in with their own music and we start jamming. It might not be a perfect set every time but it’s definitely more fun.

Electronic Groove: For you what is more enjoyable, Djing or producing?

In2Deep: I’d say DJing. With DJing, it’s all in the moment. With production it’s a long process for us, tweaking this and that and the track going back and forth between us before we decide we’ve had enough. It’s rewarding in its own way when you get positive feedback from people you look up to or see the crowd’s reaction after long hours of putting every piece together. But still DJing for us comes more naturally. 

“When we fail, we go our own separate ways for a while but then somehow end up working together again”

Electronic Groove: I’m guessing that once in a while there’s a discrepancy of ideas. How do you handle this when working as a team?

In2Deep: Of course we clash sometimes. We just find some middle ground. When we fail, we go our own separate ways for a while but then somehow end up working together again. I think we really complement each other. Especially in the studio.

Electronic Groove: In terms of influences, what would you say are the artists that marked you and inspired you to become musicians?

In2Deep: We both got hooked in the early 2000s listening to compilation CDs by the likes of John Creamer & Stephane K, Deep Dish etc. Then a few years later when we moved to Montreal seeing guys like Frankie Knuckles and David Morales week in week out at Stereo had a huge influence on us both also.

Electronic Groove: Are there any new productions in the works?

In2Deep: Yes! We’ve just finished some new tracks and are working on some more right now. Also, our new release ‘Space/Time’ just came out. It’s a more experimental collaboration that we did with our friend Artphorm from Montreal. A lot of elements in the tracks are field recordings that we randomly picked up like talking to strangers, church bells… It was really cool putting the whole thing together. Now we’re eagerly waiting for labels to confirm dates for our next releases. Hopefully sooner than later!

‘Space/Time’ is available now on Beatport. Grab your copy here.

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