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Miguel Campbell “I really feel blessed to have made it this far in the music industry”

Miguel Campbell has been galvanised by the house music scene since the early 90’s. This year his label “Outcross Records” is about to reach a decade sharing the genetics of House Music by releasing five different compilations. We had the chance to speak with Miguel ahead of the milestone celebration.

Electronic Groove: Hi Miguel, thanks for the time to chat with us. How do you feel after 10 years running Outcross Records?

Miguel Campbell: At this point, I really feel blessed to have made it this far in the music industry, although it was not without sacrifice. I think back to when I would shop for new records and would dream of being more involved in music, and one day maybe having my own record out in the shops. I am super proud of Outcross Records and all of the artists and music we have released over the years. Our family has grown organically and so has our musical output, we continue to focus on the vibes around us whilst maintaining a sound that my label has become known for.

Electronic Groove: Can you talk us through the thinking behind the 10 Years of Outcross Records release?

Miguel Campbell: The 10 Year compilations will be released over the coming months and will highlight some of our favorite releases from our back catalogue. As more and more people discover my label, this is a perfect time to compile the ‘Best Of’ compilations and introduce people to some of our best music from the last decade.

Outcross 10

Electronic Groove: What were some of the key artists that influenced you when you started the label?

Miguel Campbell: When setting up Outcross Records, my main inspiration was the unsigned music and artists around me. We were all trying to find new ways of doing things in a brand new, digital territory. Matt Turner, Matt Hughes, Michael Hayes and Mike Rockmore were very important inspirations when setting up my label as I could see a vision of this collective sound working in the industry.

Electronic Groove: Can you share with us a couple of highlights over the past decade?

Miguel Campbell: A major highlight for Matt Hughes and I was the signing of Inland Knights to my label. We’ve been fans of their music for many years and so when I spoke to them we agreed to release some music together – it was amazing! Shortly after, I managed to get all of the Outcross artists from around the world together under one roof for the 7-year anniversary show. The party was in Leeds and for me was one of the best showcases we have had!

Electronic Groove: Who do you find inspiration from today when in the studio?

Miguel Campbell: At the moment, MINOTA, one of the artists signed to my label is a massive inspiration to me and my music. I will always be inspired by the music that is around me be it in the club, studio or whatever – so I always take a lot of inspiration from the artists that I work with and the DJ’s that I play with in the clubs.

Electronic Groove: Is there a secret to how your working relationship with Matt Hughes has lasted so long?

Miguel Campbell: It’s no secret, the key for us has been compassion, understanding and a mutual respect for one another’s music. Matt and I have been through so much in our own personal and professional lives over the last 10 years and we have been able to support each other because of these values.

Electronic Groove: What celebrations do you have planned for the label?

Miguel Campbell: We have various shows planned to celebrate the 10 years of Outcross and behind the scenes, we have a special dinner planned here in the UK so that the artists can all come together again and we can all reflect and celebrate together.

Electronic Groove: What can we look forward to over the next 10 years of Outcross Records?

Miguel Campbell: We will continue to explore the genetics of house music. We have new signings to the label in Clyde P and Climbers – both have their Outcross debut EP’s released before the year is out. As the electronic music industry becomes more dynamic, it is very exciting to be a part of this movement and as I look to the future, I would like to thank yourselves and everyone else who has supported my label, the artists and our music along the way.

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