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Modeplex: “I prefer when the music is energetic but with a deeper meaning”

Modeplex is a DJ and techno producer from South Germany. Raised in a musical family, Dave, which is his real name, have always been surrounded by instruments, music and records, developing a very personal way to compose, where different musical genres and scenes are the perfect ingredients to give birth to a wholesome kind of techno and deep house.

We caught up with Modeplex to talk about his new projects.

Electronic Groove: Hi Modeplex, thanks for the mix you recently shared with us.  Can you explain the recording process? It is the same for every session?

Modeplex: Hey, all good. Yeah, pretty much I would say. First I always check out what is new and if there is any cool promo stuff. Then I take a closer look at how the tracks might fit, and finally, I record the session. Sometimes I drink a glass of wine in the process 😉

EG: Listening to the mix we noticed that there’s a marked melodic techno sound on it. That’s the genre you are lately mostly playing, why?

Modeplex: Definitely, this is the genre that I actually like the most at the moment. I prefer when the music is energetic but with a deeper meaning. If something is like deep and surreal but uplifting and touching at the same time, then is perfect for me. That’s the reason why I produce my own tracks. I like to do powerful music with a deep character.

EG: You just released ‘Kronos Pearl’ on Stil Vor Talent. What’s the track inspiration?

Modeplex: I really love Greek mythology, that’s why I named the track ‘Kronos’. I wanted to make something intense on the drop but smooth on the other parts. So I created this main melody and made a heavy beat for it. The rest of the track is lighter but still has dancefloor energy.

EG: How did you meet Oliver Koletki’s crew? How was the single signing process?

Modeplex: I haven’t met Oliver yet. Originally ‘Kronos Pearl’ was released on Steyoyoke but he played the tune a few times and liked so much that he decided to have it on Stil Vor Talent as well. I am really happy that both liked it so much giving the track a second platform. It was really cool that Oliver came to me asking to do the release.

“I like to do powerful music with a deep character”

EG: You are also linked to Steyoyoke, what’s your relationship with them?

Modeplex: Steyoyoke was right from the beginning one of my favorite labels. I like its sound and design. They are working on a very high professional level and I really enjoy the workaround and partnership we have. I am very close to most of the artists and management.

EG: There are other releases planned in the coming months? Can you give us a sneak peek?

Modeplex: Definitely is more coming soon. I am releasing a few remixes in the next upcoming weeks. There is also another single coming on Steyoyoke which got tested on its anniversary in Berlin. I am also working on something really big, I am doing a new EP which will be more intense and will give a better idea of what I will do in the future. I am already working on that and it is like at 40 % of completion.


EG: Reading your biography we noticed that you come from a musical family. Tell us more about it. 

Modeplex: Yes, my family is very musical. My brother does the drums, my mom plays the guitar and my dad the piano. They don’t like electronic music that much but I’ve learned a lot about music from them. Unfortunately I can‘t play any instrument so easily as they do. I have a good feeling about harmonies and frequencies, but I’m not an expert like them.

EG: What are your plans for the summer?

Modeplex: Holidays! (laughs) I’ll play a few festivals and shows but most of all I am planning to go on vacations. I have no specific goal but I want to visit somewhere beautiful.

EG: What’s your favorite part of being an artist?

Modeplex: Travelling is the coolest thing. It is so much fun seeing different places and meet interesting people. I love good food and when you travel you can find different and exciting things. I really love that.

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