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NatNoiz: “Imagination Should Be The Center Of Your Life”

NatNoiz: “Imagination should be the center of your life”

Never afraid to go too dark, never afraid to go too party, Sydney sound purveyor NatNoiz is digging her way deeper throughout the rave community of late, rearing her bleach blonde head out of before unscathed rabbit holes around the Australian capital city.

An ever-evolving sound and infectious persona see Noiz held of highest esteem in the late and bright lights. With plenty of Aria Club Chart success, remixes bending air waves on Diplo & friends, signings with Distant Agency, ‘Deeper Than House’ and a past full of major festival appearances and national tours make NatNoiz a name we all know, love, and keep a watch on at every successful step.

We had the chance to talk with NatNoiz as she prepares for an upcoming Australian tour in October.

Electronic Groove: Hi NatNoiz, thanks for the time to chat with us. How did you decide to become an electronic music DJ and producer?

NatNoiz: Thanks for having me! When I was 17 I fell head over heels for electronic music. When I was able to go clubbing I remember seeing 2 guys behind the decks having such a good time entertaining people with music. I approached a long time friend – Pantheon –  at a house party one night and asked him to show me some tricks. There was no turning back after that. I love all genres of music though… I guess house music is hella melodic and inspired me to DJ and produce after entertaining people with it for years… I met a lot of good friends in clubs and at bars bonding over beautiful dance music. Music always takes me back to good memories like this one.

EG: Can you mention your main musical influences?

NatNoiz: I was a massive fan of Justice and Deadmau5. Both very different genre-wise, but so powerful musically and super talented DJs as well as producers! I remember seeing Deadmau5 live a few times and just feeling so obsessed with the entire performance, show and his music… I later fell in love with jackin house and fidget, producers like Crookers, AC Slater, Riva Starr, Hijack, Acid Jacks, Switch… I could go on forever!

EG: How would you define your musical concept?

NatNoiz: My music is very bassline orientated and I like using samples that are unusual. I spend most of my time on basslines and redefining weird samples to implement into my music. My biggest music genre influences were fidget / jackin house based as mentioned above! So jackin house and creating dirty basslines is what I’m all about!

EG: You just released your remix of Beni’s ‘Drop The Pressure’ track. What was the inspiration behind?

NatNoiz: This song was a little different to my usual stuff. I’m a big fan of Dirtybird and their releases. I wanted to structure my tracks to suit them and see how people would respond. 

EG: What is your favorite gear to produce music?

NatNoiz: Massive and Rob Papen sub boom bass

EG: You come from Sidney, Australia. What’s the current situation of the electronic music scene down there?

NatNoiz:  There are plenty of awesome places all over Sydney to go for great house music! I play at a handful of them: Déjà vu, Deeper Than House, GiRLTHING and a few others. The crowd here is great! The Sydney lockout did bruise us for a little after a lot of venues were forced to shut down. But a lot of underground gigs were able to stick around and grow as a community.

EG: Summer is just around the corner in that part of the world. Any special gig you are looking forward?

NatNoiz: I have an end of year Australian tour locked in which I’m stoked about! Looking very forward to Summer too.

EG: You are part of the ‘Deeper than House’ radio crew. Can you tell us what’s the program about?

NatNoiz: They have a 2-hour slot every second Friday and we pump house music with DJs on rotate. They’re a really cool crew to be part of. We’re one big happy family there! It’s really just about the love of house music and bringing people together.

EG: Are you working on new releases? Can you give a sneak peek of them?

NatNoiz: I’m hoping to have an original out before my October tour. I can’t share anything just yet, but keep an eye on my socials 😀

EG: What would be your personal recommendations to artists that are starting their music career? 

NatNoiz: Love what you do and do what you love. Don’t listen to anyone else who tells you not to do it. You do what you want, what you love. Imagination should be the center of your life. Don’t give up on your dreams, or your dreams will give up on you.

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