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Premiesku: “We really believe that a live act should be based on live jamming and using real musical instruments”

The collaborative project formed by Romanian duo Livio & Roby, & George G, have achieved what few have attempted before – designed three unique, custom made hardware consoles consisting of parts of various machines that have been completely rewired, modified and re-patched to create extraordinary performance instruments. This absolutely one of a kind set up allows them to achieve their vision of playing without any computers and creates a live jam environment with a uniquely different performance every time they play. That is what their collaboration is about – a stand out new experience, which is already gaining accolades from many party heads, acclaimed music professionals and opinion leaders.

We caught up with Premiesku to discover more about their work and prospects for the future.

Electronic Groove: Hey guys, thanks for the time to chat with us. So Premiesku is the joint alias between Livio & Roby and George G. When did you all meet and how did this project come about?

Premiesku: Thanks to you. We met quite long time ago, If I remember well I met George in a friend’s studio back in 2002 where we used to go every once in a while. Immediately we clicked, after leaving we spoke the whole way home about music and machines. I think the next day we were already making plans to build a studio together. So this is what happened, we set up a studio in the center of the city and we started doing music and recording live bands. Was quite an experience, I was doing this during my university degree and it was the perfect escape and basically, a dream come true. Then in 2004, I met Livio through a common friend who thought we might like to work together and obviously he was right. The Livio & Roby project came to life in 2005 and at the same time we wanted to explore a truer, live performance because of our live jam sessions from the studio. We did a lot of work in developing the project and we started by putting out some releases in 2009 under the Premiesku alias, alongside creating the live concept.

EG: You have returned on Ralph Lawson’s 2020 Vision for the ‘In Sfera’ EP. How did this collaboration begin and what are your thoughts on releasing on such a heritage label?

Premiesku: We are really happy to do something for Ralph, this happened when we released our first release 2 years ago titled ‘Jojoman’. We have big respect for the label and we really wanted to work with them again. ‘In Sfera’ was the perfect reason to have a new release on Ralph’s imprint.

EG: The Premiesku project is a live only show. What kind of gear do you use when you play live?

Premiesku: Yes it’s true, we only play live and only with machines, no computer or Ableton. We actually built some custom made cases, which contain separate setups made from different selections of drum machines and synths. We really believe that a live act should be based on live jamming and using real musical instruments. In our music the instruments are drum machines and synthesizers, modular, etc. There is a special feeling when you jam like this, there is a unique vibe when you play with an instrument and this translates into creativity and sometimes unpredictability, which makes it special. Analog gear is like this, sometimes the element of surprise makes me happy and at the same time gives us a certain challenge.

EG: Is the live set up the same as the production setup you used in recording ‘In Sfera’?

Premiesku: In the studio we have different setups that we actually change all the time. We really cannot lock the working flow into one setup because after a while it becomes boring and eventually not so creative anymore. Almost all of our music breeds from different live jams, after the basic idea it’s done, we record it and finish it.

EG: You are all from Romania and there is definitely a strong scene there at the moment. Why do you think that is?

Premiesku: Totally, we think there is a special scene in Romania, most probably because of its particular sound, because the love for this kind of music is strong and especially the people and the parties. I guess all together makes the full picture. I’m really trying to be unbiased in this particular thought and I believe the scene there is very unique. All these details seems to merge at some point delivering a very special product.

EG: What else do you have coming up, release and gig wise?

Premiesku: We have some surprises coming up. For the moment we are focused in the studio. We’re working on a new album and we are really excited about it.

This summer we go with Premiesku on a South American tour, which will be great as we haven’t taken the project there yet, we will also be playing in Dubai, Belgrade and Romania. Also we have a vinyl / digital release on the amazing label, Vakant.

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