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Roderic: “I Love Working On Music, Because There’s Always Something Yet To Come, To Discover”

Roderic: “I love working on music, because there’s always something yet to come, to discover”

Mexican producer Roderic drops his second full-length album on Berlin label Katermukke. In the 10-track LP the electronic musician, who has recently been touring around the world sharing stages with names such as Acid Pauli, Nicola Cruz and Moonbootica, blends wide musical genres as diverse as Jazz, Blues, Balkanic, Latin, African, Psychedelic, Rock and Trance to create his own unique sound of organic electronic dance music.

We caught up with Roderic to celebrate his new release, ‘It All Depends’.

EG: Hi Roderic, thanks for your time today. Where are you right now?

Roderic: Hey guys, thanks to you too. I’m in Berlin right now.

EG: Your recent album ‘It All Depends’ was just released. What can you tell us about the production process behind it? Where was it recorded?

Roderic: Yes, it is freshly released! We were in the Dominican Republic at my friend’s Mattia family house, where everything was just perfect… The equipment on the studio we built, the people, the food, the ocean, the rides on the boat to swim on the virgin islands, the perfect nature sounds at night, the stars, the weather, our girlfriends getting the perfect tan ;)… And a really good scotch. Mattia is a very good friend, he executive produced my album.

EG: Does the environment reflect or influence your productions?

Roderic: Absolutely yes, all the time, that’s why I love moving everywhere to produce with new inspirations.

EG: How about the inspiration behind it? Were you trying to achieve anything specific? Did the album achieve your initial intentions?

Roderic: This album was basically inspired by beauty—in a positive sense, of course, but also in the type that doesn’t immediately feel like beauty at first. During the recording of the album, all kinds of feelings came around me and they were all translated into the music. I was carrying a wide set of emotions (as always), textures, and rhythms during the recording process, and I feel that these intentions are well printed on each song. But this is just a process of exploration and it’s just the beginning. It’s one of the reasons I love working on music, because there’s always something yet to come, to discover.

EG: This is your second LP on Katermukke. How did you connect with the label?

Roderic: Yes, it is. My friend Raz Ohara connected me with Dirty Doering, the label boss of the Katermukke family- we hit it off from there.

EG: You have a few contributions in the album like Jacqueline Jones, Isabel Sesma, and matt.i. What can you tell us about them?

Roderic: One of the big evolutions from my first release was that I actively sought to develop the sound of this album in collaboration with other musicians. The people involved in this project are special to me. I love them, every single one is part of my life in a very different way, and of course I love their work. Jacqueline Jones helped me to write the lyrics of ‘Passengers’. Isabel Sesma sang on ‘Serenditpity’. And matt.i, wrote and sang the french lyrics on ‘Choses Qui Se Passent’, helped me with the ones on ‘Serendipity’, and added some percussion on ‘Stay’.

“During the recording of the album, all kinds of feelings came around me and they were all translated into the music”

EG: Can you share with us some of your favorite artists at the moment?

Roderic: Of course, Pilocka Krach, Raz Ohara, Jacob Groening, Mendrix, Dirty Doering, Lars Moston, Alex Galvan, Evil Tapes, Ulises, Dauwd, Constantijn Lange, Stimming, Julps and The New York City subway musicians, especially blues one!.

EG: What are your plans for the rest of the summer?

Roderic: Keep touring and working on the new platform I’m directing, Musikplatz. Check it out, we created it to support the emerging talent in the electronic sphere and beyond.

Roderic’s ‘It All Depends’ is already available on Katermukke. Grab your copy here.

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