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R.O.S.H. talks about his latest Turbo Recordings release

With nearly 95 percent of the current DJ population adopting enigmatic personas, it is now our duty to only present music by artists who have the time to present a deeply coded dance music mystery. Enter R.O.S.H., who first came to our attention via French legend Laurent Garnier (a clue?!?).

All the info we were provided – a VHS copy of something called ‘The Crystal Maze’ and references to televised ritual humiliation – was merely the first layer to be peeled back before the ultimate reveal, the kind of ‘Oh, cool’ moment that keeps us all going in these uncertain times.

Electronic Groove: Hey R.O.S.H., thanks for taking the time to chat!

R.O.S.H.: No worries, it’s great to be back.

EG: A debut release on Turbo is quite the seal of approval. What does the label represent for you?

R.O.S.H.: Exhaust fumes. Spark plugs. Keeping up with regular service intervals. An irrational hatred for people who drive vehicles with naturally aspirated engines. An unhealthy romantic relationship with 90s Volvo estates. The full gamut of automotive idiosyncrasies really.

EG: What is the first Turbo release that you remember hearing?

R.O.S.H.: Tiga – Bugatti (Pusha T Remix)

EG: ‘Start New Life’ is a stellar four-track release. Can you describe the EP for us in 3 words?

R.O.S.H.: Firstly, thank you for the kind words. I hope it bought you to tears. Just 3 words? I’m terrible at these, let me look at the feedback sheet and I’ll get back to you…

EG: Can you walk us through your mindset during the creative process?

R.O.S.H.: Why walk when you can drive? It’s really not dissimilar to the mood and mindset of this Vin Diesel window tint.

EG: What are some of the tech essentials that went into the making of the EP?

R.O.S.H.: Native Instruments Monark synth was used extensively in ‘Boiler Form’. There Soraya I said it, are you happy now? I look forward to receiving Komplete 12 Ultimate in the post.

EG: Laurent Garnier has been an active supporter of your work from the beginning. Can you tell us about how that relationship began?

R.O.S.H.: If by beginning you mean 8 months ago, then yeah, sure – I’ll roll with the fantasy. It started with an in-depth discussion about the state of the music scene over a panini in a small London cafe and ended at his house after I accidentally deleted all his VSTs from his computer.

EG: As an artist at the early stages of his career, what do you feel is necessary given the modern music environment to stand out from amongst the noise?

R.O.S.H.: Be tall.

EG: Who are your biggest influences in electronic music right now?

R.O.S.H.: Playboi Carti.

EG: What is the last record that you bought?

R.O.S.H.: Trancadenctial – ‘Energetic’ – 90’S

Those are the 3 words that really caught my eye from the feedback sheet. Sorry, what was the question again?

EG: What do the next 3 months look like for R.O.S.H.?

R.O.S.H.: Like a John Constable landscape painting but the fields are on fire and the barn house is a dilapidated mess.

R.O.S.H.’s ‘Start New Life‘ is now available on Turbo Recordings. Stream and buy here.

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