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Seb Zito: “Expect To Dance And Rave Hard”

Seb Zito: “Expect to dance and rave hard”

Seb Zito is one of the main figures within the FUSE crew. With over 10 years behind the decks he has grown as an artist and as an important member of the East London music team.

We sat down with him for a quick chat on what’s happening right now, how he sees the FUSE adventure looking back at it, and things to look forward to in 2017.

Electronic Groove: Hey Seb, thanks for the time to chat with us. A few weeks ago you closed the FUSE 8 Tour that took the crew across eight different cities in Europe. How was the experience?

Seb Zito: Thanks guys. It was well planned, we picked eight cities and clubs we know and where we played before. It was good vibes and a good party guaranteed. The tour ended at the Village Underground and it was great fun all around. Enzo (Siragusa) and myself have played and known each other for a long time, so we have a good understanding on how to play and get the crowd going. It was really good fun!

Electronic Groove: Which date would you say was the best one?

Seb Zito: Obviously the Village Underground one, as this is our home. But outside of London, would be Mint Club in Leeds! That party was spectacular. Those guys up there know how to party. They’re also more familiar with our culture and the club is incredible. Everyone’s there for one reason and one reason only, it’s to party. The Hoppetosse one in Berlin was great as well.

Electronic Groove: Looking back this year is about to end. How was it for you?

Seb Zito: Really good. I’ve been touring a lot, as a solo artist but also doing lots of things with FUSE. I’ve been getting involved musically with a number of other great labels. Did a couple remixes for Kerri Chandler’s Kaoz Theory label. Three this year. One for Jamie (Jones), one for Kerri and the next one is for Josh Butler. I also just released on Hector’s Vatos Locos, that came out on mid-November.

Electronic Groove: Speaking about your releases, what is your next one?

Seb Zito: Josh Butler’s remix for Kaoz Theory will be out on early February. Then the one I did with Enzo on Rawax will be out on mid-January. I’m also launching my new label 7db Records early 2017.

Electronic Groove: Now you mention your new label, 7db. Tell us more about it.

Seb Zito: 7db label will consist of artists that I admire and have followed through the years. The sound will be ranging from house, garage and even a hint of dubstep.

“I’m really happy Fabric was allowed to re-open”

Electronic Groove: How would you describe a FUSE party to someone who never have attend one

Seb Zito: Expect to dance and rave hard. That’s what we do. All of us come from the dancefloor. We’ve grown up as clubbers so we’re only about the original rave. In terms of crowd, since we started the party 8 years ago we’ve had a door bouncer who makes sure the right people get into the party. Right people with no bullshit, no attitude. So that the vibe is always, always on point. Musically, expect to venture on all ranges of house, garage, jungle, two step, bit of breakbeat. Everything.

Electronic Groove: Has the FUSE crowd changed over the last eight?

Seb Zito: Well we started as an after after-party at 93 Feet East. Our music was a lot slower back then. We’ve always brought the party, but there’s definitely more energy in our music now. You’d find more energy on the dancefloor as a result. But ultimately, it’s stayed the same vibe. Hands in the air or heads down, but definitely somewhere in between these two.

Electronic Groove: How do you feel to be an important part of such a massive movement? 

Seb Zito: We had four years of the party being every Sunday. And we all were at every party, even those of our crew who wouldn’t play. It’s been a rollercoaster of all highs to be honest. We’ve worked very hard. Every single one of us has worked very hard. Especially Tony (Cannatella) and Enzo (Siragusa), who created and run FUSE. The amount of work they put in behind the scenes. Everything that has happened we owe it to them. They’re the ones who’ve been arranging all these deals for us to play in such great clubs like Space Ibiza, Amnesia… It’s all thanks to their hard work.

Electronic Groove: Which artists have been supporting you outside of FUSE?

Seb Zito: tINI has captured a lot of hearts from our crowd. She has been part of our family from quite early on, a couple years after we started FUSE. She’s a close friend and plays for us about 2–3 times a year.

Electronic Groove: How would you say your following has evolved from the beginning?

Seb Zito: It’s definitely become more continental. A few years back some people would talk down about the crowd. Truth is it doesn’t matter who you are and where you’re from, as long as you’re there to have a good time, our doors have always been open. I would say if our crowd has definitely evolved, the vibe and the spirit has remained intact. We’ve got one of the best door girls. Theresa is at the forefront of that process to create and maintain the vibe we’ve had for such a long time. We have a lot of thanks and praise for her. If you go to FUSE now, there’s people from everywhere in the UK, from Holland, from Spain, from Italy. People travel far and wide to come, which is an amazing thing.

Electronic Groove: How would you say the rave in London has evolved?

Seb Zito: We’ve seen a lot of clubs close in London. They’ve shut down all majors clubs apart from Village Underground, Fabric and Ministry of Sound. As a result people have had to find other ways to party, other spaces, which resulted in the scene we have now. In a certain way that’s great as you can really party in pretty much any context in London now. But to maintain a local clubbing culture we do need iconic venues. In that regard, I’m really happy Fabric was allowed to re-open.

“My production style is mostly based on sampling and drum processing as well”

Electronic Groove: Do you get to check out those underground raves that happen further East?

Seb Zito: Well I don’t have much time to rave outside of my DJing, but I can see online that it’s happening. I’ve heard about this rave in the woods. I also see many local artists being really innovative and showcasing pure talent. People talk about Berlin as a major place for music, but there is also so much happening in London. Many people send me music and that’s my privileged connection with the local scene. Most of this happens online, not so much being out to other parties like it would 4 years ago. I miss that connection to be honest. But that’s inherent to being a clubber and then becoming a professional musician and artist. Now when I come back from a gig the last thing I want to do is to go to a party, but some weekends when I’m off I do enjoy and take the time to go party and see what’s out there. Also supporting friends in the local scene, it’s important.

Electronic Groove: How would you describe your own style compared to your FUSE friends?

Seb Zito: I grew up here in London and I’m massively influenced by the UK sounds like jungle and drum & bass. My first real love was garage. I discovered house through garage basically. Back then I was like 13 years old, back in 1994, garage has been a major influence. Still now, I find myself taking that sort of vibe, that feel. Even 20 years on… It’s like embedded in me. My real true love. It’s never gone away and stayed with me. Even with all the scenes that I’ve gone through, it remained my dominant style, my vibe. In the way I mix, in the way I produce. Like in Hip Hop as well, use a lot of samples. My production style is mostly based on sampling and drum processing as well.

Electronic Groove: Outside of FUSE, which artist have you enjoyed the most to play with?

Seb Zito: I would probably say Ferro. He is part of the FUSE crew but came in later. We played together that one time in Sisyphos in Berlin. It wasn’t arranged or planned. We had played gigs separately that night and we were offered to fill in for a 9am to 1 pm slot. We played it back-to-back and I can honestly say that it’s probably one of the best sessions I’ve played.

Electronic Groove: Who outside of FUSE would you say has helped you grow the most?

Enzo Muro: Apart from Enzo and Tony, my manager David has been absolutely amazing. I’ve known him for 15 years, he’s created what used to be the label Milk n 2 Sugars which is now the booking agency MN2S. I value his views and opinions so much, he’s been a massive support. Other than that obviously my girlfriend, my family have been amazing.

Electronic Groove: Finally, what can we wish for you for 2017?

Seb Zito: Happiness mate, that’s all I need in my life.

Catch Seb Zito at FUSE NYD Part 2 at The Mangle Warehouse, click here for more info.

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