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SEIKON: “I Try To Be Open To All Music Styles”

SEIKON: “I try to be open to all music styles”

SEIKON is a Polish street artist that creates geometry based works.  Colourfull and inspirational, he mystically decorates all sorts of surfaces in his own personal style.

After designing the cover for Electronic Groove Records’ first release “Blue Tribe”, the artist spoke with us about his trajectory, inspiration, and latest work…

Electronic Groove: Hi SEIKON, it is a pleasure for us to exchange some thoughts with you. To get things started can you give us a background on how you got involved with art, in particular, graffiti or street art?

SEIKON: Hello Electronic Groove, thanks for the interview. It is very nice to talk to you today.

As a child, I remember I enjoyed drawing very much and as time went by I got inspired into the graffiti world by my friend and artist Jay-Pop. From then on everything went smooth, I started painting walls many years before studying at the Academy of Fine Arts, and when I finished my studies I focused on my personal exploration on how to capture shapes and colors on walls, canvas, and sculptures.

Electronic Groove: You’re a native of Poland. What can you tell us about the street art movement in your country?

SEIKON: Yes, I live in the north of Poland.

We have good artists that work on the streets of Poland. I do not make a distinction between graffiti’s murals, posters, and stickers. I enjoy them all and I have a big respect for all of these artistic expressions. In the last few years, I’ve enjoyed watching the process of different artist’s evolving on different areas.

“What it is very important for me is to discover new cultures and explore them. That’s where I get my inspiration from.”

Electronic Groove: We’re huge fans of your work. Where did you find the inspiration to develop your style?

SEIKON: Thanks a lot! There are a few things worth mentioning. At the beginning, the graffitis went from graffiti letters to organic forms, full of gradients and colors and by the time I was studying they were based on simple flat forms inspired by graphic design and shapes. By then, everything contributed to my inspiration… landscapes, architecture, villages, cities, music, and travels. What it is very important for me is to discover new cultures and explore them. That’s where I get my inspiration from.

Electronic Groove: Is graffiti a form of vandalism or street art? Have you ever been arrested for it?

SEIKON: For me, vandalism means total destruction. I don’t like broken glasses and uprooted things. It sounds strange to some people but I like tags on streets and painted trains. I don’t see anything wrong with it. I see something positive in it. I have been connected with the graffiti scene of Trojmiasto, for a long time. I have a lot of good friends there and know some amazing artists. In my opinion graffiti, (if you cut all those bad things that people used to say) gives young people a lot of freedom and experience on how to live in your own city.

As a child, graffiti gave me the opportunity with my friends to explore something new every day. Those were great times, deep exploration of our neighborhood, then of our city and then it evolved into travel. I am still doing it but very far from home. When I started painting walls my knowledge was mostly from my older friends and magazines. The word “StreetArt” became popular many years later.

Electronic Groove: Are there any artists you look up too that have been an inspiration in what you do?

SEIKON: I like to see my friends work, it gives me the energy to keep moving and painting.

Electronic Groove: Are you currently working on any shows or projects?

SEIKON: Yes, in the coming months I have few projects, but right now I am working on my solo exhibition that is taking place right now in Paris. I’m presenting new canvases in Galerie 42b, from December until January 13th, 2018.

“The RITE exhibition is based on Robert Seikon’s journeys in the past two years, inspired by different parts of our planet: from forsaken nooks and rural landscapes to crowded metropolies, ambient and dark at times.” Learn more.

Electronic Groove: Do you have a favorite city to paint?

SEIKON: For me, the most important thing is to feel a positive vibe with the local people and artists. Then If I’m in this positive mood, the favorite city can be anywhere and anytime. For the last few years I have considered myself very lucky, I’ve met a lot of very good people and visited many different places. I like the special touch of streets that are not so clean you know, if a city is too clean the work is not that exciting. In the last years I’ve had a lot of fun painting on the streets of Athens, Mumbai, and Valencia. Maybe because of the weather…  It’s always very nice over there.

Electronic Groove: In terms of music, what are some of your favorite styles? Can you name any artists you currently are listening too?

SEIKON: I try to be open to all music styles. I like many different genres, going from ambient, jazz, hip-hop to fast electronica like breakcore and techno. Also artists like Boards of Canada, Skalpel, Maladroit, Rotator, Eric Trufaz, Problem and many more. I think it’s good to explore something new or different regularly because in every type of music you can find something new and interesting. 

Electronic Groove: We are truly honored to be able to work with you in the development of the covers of our label. How do you see the interaction of visual art and music?

SEIKON: I like this way of work. Music is very important for me. I have also made some projects connecting art and music. I always listen to music while I paint in my studio or outside when I work on walls.

Electronic Groove: Where can people go if they want to buy some of your work?

SEIKON: They can write directly to galleries which present my works. Or if they want to buy t-shirts or screenprints, they can contact me directly.

Freedo Mosho’s ‘Blue Tribe’ EP is available now on Electronic Groove Records. Grab your copy here.

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