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Soundexile: “Connected Is A Tour Through The Electronic Music History That We Love”

Soundexile: “Connected is a tour through the electronic music history that we love”

Ten years ago, friends and producers Oliverio & Bauder decided to join forces and form Soundexile.

Now, they will be joining Hernan Cattaneo this December 6th at The Fillmore Miami Beach auditorium to perform symphonic versions of a curated selection of songs spanning the past three decades of electronic music, as well as some of his own productions.

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We had the chance to chat with them about ‘Connected’ and other musical topics.

Electronic Groove: Hi Guys, thanks for the time. Can you give our readers some background on you both and how Soundexile came together?

Soundexile: Hi, thanks for the invitation. We met while we were both living in Spain.  We started collaborating on a couple of tracks, and we realized that even though we both have different tastes in music, the mixture was something that we could work with,  in order to come up with something fresh.

EG: We’re excited about the next edition of Connected with Hernan Cattaneo to be held on December 6th at The Fillmore in Miami Beach. How did you guys get involved on the Connected show?    

Soundexile: We’re super excited as well. We just finished doing two ‘Connected’ shows in an amazing theatre in San Juan, Argentina. We were involved in‘Connected’ from day one. Hernan sat us down and told us that we were going to work on a project to be played in Argentina’s (and one of the most important theatres in the world) most treasured theatre – Teatro Colon.

EG: How was the experience of working with Hernan Cattaneo and Conductor Gerardo Gardelin?   

Soundexile: We’re used to working with Hernan. It’s always easy, but hard work. Working with Conductor Gerardo Gardelin was easier than we thought, as we all started the project from zero. Amazing experience, we might add.

“We told Hernan that we wanted to use a real 4 piece string ensemble, instead of samples, to what he replied: someday we will do it with an orchestra”

EG: If you can put it into words, what should the audience expect when they attend the Miami edition of Connected? 
Soundexile: We believe that the slogan for the show, actually says it all,  “A symphonic concert of electronic music”We play electronic music classics, re-versioned and re-worked to be played with an orchestra. 

EG: There are a few electronic / symphonic shows touring around. What differences Connected from the rest?  

Soundexile: Many moons ago, when we did a Symphonic mix of our track ‘Cripsis’, we told Hernan that we wanted to use a real 4 piece string ensemble, instead of samples, to what he replied: “someday we will do it with an orchestra”. At that time, there were no electronic – symphonic shows going on. Regarding recent shows, there are some that are mainly based on hits, and some that are more personal, like Jeff Mills’. Connected’ is a tour through the electronic music history that we love, with some of our tracks, and incidental moments, that can be regarded, more as a movie score, than an electronic music track.

EG: As well as you guys, Nick Warren is a contributor to the show. How’s the experience of working with such a legend?

Soundexile: Nick is a good friend and it’s a pleasure to have him on stage with us, especially on a WOW track that we love. 

EG: Changing the subject a bit, are you guys working on any new material?

Soundexile: We’re always working on new music and projects. There’s a couple of new remixes coming out by the end of the year, and we’re working on new tracks for an Ep, but that will be early 2019.

EG: What other plans do you have for the rest of the year and going into 2019?

Soundexile: We will end 2018 on a really high note with ‘Connected’ at The Fillmore Miami BeachThere are lots of new shows and DJ gigs lined up for 2019, so we’re really looking forward to next year.

EG: Thank you guys. Looking forward to an amazing show!

Soundexile: Thanks again for the invitation and we hope to see everyone in Miami on December 6th for ‘Connected’!

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