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Stefano Noferini: “The electronic music scene intended as techno and house is experiencing a moment of true splendor”

Stefano Noferini is a name synonymous with the finest quality tech house and techno. If the underground sounds of electronic music were a jungle, then this Italian maestro would surely be the lion! From tribal rhythms, through understated minimalism, and back to main-room techno burners; it is his refined and expertly curated sound that has propelled him to the top of the game.

We had the chance to talk with Stefano as he just finished his recent North American tour.

Electronic Groove: Hi Stefano. Thanks for you chatting with us. You just finished your North American tour. What was your overall impression of the scene in the US?

Stefano Noferini: Thanks. Well, my recent US tour was very nice and intense. I enjoyed each one of the dates. Every year the electronic scene in the United States gets better and better. Now, not only the main cities such as New York, Los Angeles or Miami are on top on the scene, but cities such as Dallas, Houston or Vegas are developing an interesting underground scene.

EG: Do you have any anecdotes from the tour worth sharing?

Stefano Noferini: I did 6 gigs in 6 days from the West Coast to the East Coast. It was very intense. It was good to meet fans from my music and label in places such as Dallas, Vegas or Houston, and of course, playing at Output Brooklyn is always very rewarding. I love that club.

EG: In regards to you label Deeperfect, what new plans and releases are prepared for the rest of the year

Stefano Noferini: We have different good releases ready to go out. Our current label policy is to focus on a number of consolidated artists who are very close to our sound. I’m very happy with the way the label is going and to see how we are reaching people with a sound that defines Deeperfect. Our annual VA ‘Club Edition’ will be out next June. I’m very excited about this one.

EG: Has the label brought any unexpected challenges or has it been a smooth ride?

Stefano Noferini: As mentioned above, we have been working on a sound evolution through the last year, and we want to give more room to a specific well-defined sound, and we are being very careful about the final product. Therefore we have narrowed down the number of artists and releases for the upcoming months.

“My recent US tour was very nice and intense. I enjoyed each one of the dates”

EG: What are your thoughts on techno scene now day?

Stefano Noferini: The electronic music scene intended as techno, house (and its derivatives) is experiencing a moment of true splendor, in my opinion is the modern mainstream, especially in Europe that during the last 5 years has had an unprecedented increase. Now, the word techno is so generalized that is associated with events or Djs that have very little techno :)

EG: Are there any new producers out there that have caught your eye?

Stefano Noferini: There are many, especially in Europe and South America, where the electronic scene is one of the strongest in the world. I would like to mention Leonardo Gonnelli, Danniel Selfmade, Gonçalo and lastly a duo called Looad that we should keep an eye on for the near future.

EG: In regards to your radio show, how did it get started?

Stefano Noferini: Club Edition was born about 10 years ago. For me, a radio show is an essential part of an artist. It brings your message everywhere in the world, no matter how small the place is. Your message gets everywhere. That feels very good to me. Currently, Club Edition is one of the most listened radio shows in the world with more than 10,000,000 followers in 2017, broadcasted on 120 FM radio stations all over the planet.

EG: Do you find that radio has some advantages over SoundCloud or podcasting in terms of music delivery?

Stefano Noferini: I am a radio lover and I think it is a vehicle of promotion and disclosure really irreplaceable, the magic of the radio will never be overtaken by a cold link.

“Currently, Club Edition is one of the most listened radio shows in the world with more than 10,000,000 followers in 2017, broadcasted on 120 FM radio stations all over the planet”

EG: In terms of connecting with fans, has social media been of any benefit to your music career?

Stefano Noferini: Yes, social media can reach millions of people, which was something impossible to think about before, the promotion on social networks has increased exponentially the popularity of DJs and the music scene in general, currently the figure of social marketing is as important as the sound engineer. It is a double edge sword though, and you really need to know how to use it right for your benefit. At the end of the day, a DJ needs to show his music.

EG: What are your plans for the summer season?
Stefano Noferini: Summer is one of the best times to play music, it marks the beginning of open-air festival season and the whole atmosphere changes. I will have the opportunity to play in 3 of the most important festivals in Europe: Dreambeach, Aquasella and Resistance Ibiza. However, do not underestimate the winter in some countries in South America, such as Argentina where the indoor season is the most beautiful in the world. In June, I will be at The Bow, Buenos Aires, probably one of the top 5 world clubs.

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