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Tibi Dabo: “It’s Been An Honor And An Amazing Challenge To Remix This Track”

Tibi Dabo: “It’s been an honor and an amazing challenge to remix this track”

Emerging from the new generation of 21st Century multi-disciplined artists who blend a myriad styles and influences into their music, Tibi Dabo (AKA Max Guardans) is a 22-year- old whose natural talent and distinctive sound have already brought him to the attention of some of the underground scene’s most respected tastemakers.

Born in Barcelona and now living in Berlin (via London), Tibi Dabo is a pseudonym that gives Max the freedom to immerse himself in the world of electronic music – experimenting, being playful and exploratory, while also carving out a niche for himself. In this day and age it’s not easy to stand out from the crowd, but Tibi Dabo’s unique outlook and experience make him a fascinating artist with the bounty of youth on his side.

We had the chance to talk with Tibi Dabo about his remix for Dubfire and Carl Craig,’Lotus’, among other musical topics.

Electronic Groove: Hi Tibi Dabo, thanks for chatting with us today. You recently played at Tulum’s Day Zero, can you describe how the experience was? Any particular artist that caught your attention?

Tibi Dabo: Thanks for having me! Day Zero was quite a surreal one, I‘d never played in such a mesmerizing setting before. I think a place like that can vigorously help you get a message and a story across, and I feel that’s exactly what happened.

I was soon reminded that I was in the jungle, as I had a bug I didn’t even know existed that came to say hi and relax on the mixer for a bit. I was also very excited to see Priku, he is a personal hero of mine.

EG: Related to your DJ sets, do you plan them meticulously? Or do you go more with the flow?

Tibi Dabo: Personally I feel like planning a set meticulously could potentially ruin an atmosphere if it‘s not exactly what you expected. That‘s why I usually have an idea of what I‘m going to play, and do a lot of digging related to the situation I’ll be in, but then leave it up to the moment and choose on the fly. It‘s what keeps it very exciting for me as well.

I‘m actually starting to develop a live set, there‘s going to be more meticulous planning on that side of things as I feel it’s more important to structure your own material in order to give it enough justice.

EG: Now you are included on the first Crosstown Rebels offering of this year remixing ‘Lotus’, an original track done in collaboration by Dubfire, Carl Craig, and Kate Elsworth. What does this release mean to you?

Tibi Dabo: It’s been an honor and an amazing challenge to remix this track. Working on this surely made me grow as an artist. I am happy to be part of something a bit different from what they usually make too, it feels like a different take on all of us.

EG: Can you describe the production process? What was your vision to create this remix?

Tibi Dabo: I can‘t deny it felt quite daunting at the beginning. I felt the original already worked really well on its own so I decided it was better to work on it from scratch. I mainly used the vocal amongst a few other things. Since the original is based around a bass line, I decided I would take it somewhere else melodically, creating a new world for the vocals to live in.

EG: Currently you are a regular on Crosstown Rebels releases and events. What do you think are the keys to be part of this infamous crew?

Tibi Dabo: There are a few rituals, one involves drinking special water from an ancient skull.

EG: How’s 2020 looking like? What are your plans for this year?

Tibi Dabo: More of my music will see the light. I am also slowly but surely planning my live set which I’ll hopefully get to road test sooner or later this year.

Photo: Julian Cassady (@juliancassady)

EG: Any other confirmed release you can share with our audience?

Tibi Dabo: There’ll be more on Crosstown.

EG: What’s your favorite thing of being a DJ?

Tibi Dabo: I actually kind of like airplane food.

Dubfire feat. Carl Craig and Kate Elsworth – Lotus is now available via Crosstown Rebels. Buy and stream here.

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