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Viktor Talking Machine: “Music Is Art And One Of The Most Important Things In Life”

Viktor Talking Machine: “Music is art and one of the most important things in life”

Shortly before the Tibetan Highlands, a small clearing, dressed with black fern which sways to the rhythm of the sun, extends itself. Here you can meet the inhabitants of a sleepy coastal village, who had found the remains of a huge comet years ago. A viscous dark mass that they turned immediately into brownies with ice cream and pickles. The energy that was gained from the process drives huge machines, planting anemones and helps the bees with their mating rituals. Every 1210 years when the planets order in a circular orbit, a child is born into this magical world, who comes to change everything.

Viktor grew up in a musical family on the outskirts of a small mountain village. Early on, he discovered his love for nature and analogue soundscapes. He devoured all the sounds of nature and the vastness of the Antarctic wilderness and distilled from them his deep sound which accompanies him until today.

We caught up with Viktor Talking Machine duo to talk about 2018 and plans for next year.

Electronic Groove: Hi, guys. Where are you right now and what are you up too?

Viktor Talking Machine: Hello there! We are on our way back home from Italy, where we had a great time with the Monaberry family and the whole crew at Bauhaus Party in Bergamo. It was an amazing party with the best people. As soon as we arrive home, we will dress up with our one-piece jumpsuit and spend time with our family. The next week will be full of studio time to prepare some sets. And to be honest, we also have to do new press shots. We have a few remixes that have to be finished and hopefully produce some tracks for new EP’s.

EG: Tells us a little about your first days with music. How did it all began?

Viktor Talking Machine: We grew up in small villages in the former eastern part of Germany and started raving in the late 90’s. Because of the missing music infrastructure, we soon started our own parties and played the first records we bought second-hand from some friends. After a while we discovered that we had the same music taste, so we started djing together.

EG: What’s the story behind your name?

Viktor Talking Machine: ‘Victor Talking Machine Company’ was one of the leading companies for gramophone and gramophone records at the beginning of the 20th century. We thought this is a really cool name with a nice story that keeps in mind. We gave our own Russian/East German twist with the K instead of the C in Viktor.

EG: You guys praise that digital is dead and everyone should “Just Play Vinyl”. Can you explain more about your affirmation.

Viktor Talking Machine: For us, music is art and one of the most important things in life. The record is the materialized appreciation of music and makes it tangible and enduring. Vinyl creates a better connection through its feel and look. Producing a record involves so many people doing crafts and reflecting the value of the track on it. Also, the claim is very lurid and provocative chosen and seen with a winking eye. We also understand it more as a dystopian vision of the future, because all digital music will eventually disappear, either because it smears the hard drive or Spotify goes broke.

“Victor Talking Machine Company was one of the leading companies for gramophone and gramophone records at the beginning of the 20th century”

EG: What are some of the advantages (or disadvantages) or working as a duo?

Viktor Talking Machine: For us working as a duo has obviously more advantages than disadvantages. You can spend time with a really good friend, discover new pleaces, get in touch with foreigners and you can share all these impressions and help each other in harder times. You just need half of the records for a set and playing is more fun together. You can surprise each other with new music and at the end of the day you are with somebody who understands you musically wise.

A disadvantage could be, that you always need two tickets to travel, which is more negative for clubs than for us. Sometimes you have a night, where your records don’t match and you fell not connected, but that is very rare to be honest.

EG: Production wise, are you working on any new material?

Viktor Talking Machine:
Always. We have some remixes to finish and a few EP’s that need the final touch. But the project folder is always in use and there is no week, where we are not in the studio doing some naughty stuff with our machines. We are already working on our annual podcast ‘Music With Sleeves’, which is always something very special for us.

EG: Summer season just went by. Can you share with us any highlights or anecdotes from it?

Viktor Talking Machine: The summer was very intense with a lot of nice festivals and secret location gigs. Fell Festival was on point and the stage blew us away, so full of details and awesome people. Also, our gigs at Sisyphos Berlin playing while the sun rises, everybody escalated by feeling the sun coming up. We also had many great BBQs during the summer with promoters and bookers that we fight hard to get our bodies back.

EG: What are your plans for the winter season? Any exciting gigs coming up?

Viktor Talking Machine:
During this winter we will play different club gigs in Europe. A really special one will be a night at Chaos Computer Congress in Leipzig. We will be among other great artists and really looking forward to all the discussions and talks. We will definitelly spend more than one day with those guys.

“For us working as a duo has obviously more advantages than disadvantages”

EG: What are some of your favorite tracks on rotation?

Viktor Talking Machine:
Here are some of our favorite tunes at the moment:

  1. Aeroplane feat Jamie Principle – ‘In Her Eyes’ (Tiger & Woods Remix)
  2. Dorothy’s Fortress – ‘Curb Dog 88’
  3. Passarani – ‘Wonky Wonky Wonky’
  4. Tilman – ‘Talking About Today’
  5. &me – ‘In Your Eyes’

EG: Thanks, guys!

Viktor Talking Machine:
Thanks for having us!

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