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Ivan Sandhas: “What truly drives me is the passion for good causes”

Ivan Sandhas, a prominent figure in the music industry, comes from the vibrant city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has established himself as an internationally recognized producer and DJ. With a strong passion for music, Ivan has curated a unique sound that combines rhythmic percussion, powerful basslines, and captivating melodies.

Photo credit: Ivan Sandhas  – Facebook

From a young age, Ivan showed a deep affinity for music, particularly electronic music, which resonated with him at the age of 15. Inspired by legendary artists such as Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Laurent Garnier, Tale of Us, and Recondite, he embarked on a journey to refine his skills and carve out his own musical identity.

Ivan’s compositions go beyond mere auditory pleasure, taking listeners on a spiritual journey. Each track is a captivating sonic narrative that evokes emotions, tells stories, and leaves a lasting impression.

Ivan Sandhas is gearing up to perform at Electronic Groove’s ADE Week Animal Rights Fundraiser on Thursday, October 19th, 2023 as part of Amsterdam Dance Event 2023. The event will be held at the Duke of Tokyo venue. The lineup also includes Atish b2b Mark Slee, Saqib, Maxi Meraki, Arianna Danae, and Rivellino.

EG had the opportunity to catch up with Ivan Sandhas, gaining insights into his upcoming performance and exploring his latest projects and future endeavors.

EG: Hi Ivan! Welcome back to EG. It’s a pleasure to have you here with us. How have you been? Where are you right now?

Ivan Sandhas: Hello everyone, it’s truly my pleasure. It’s always wonderful to stay connected with the EG Family! I’m doing quite well, having a great time in the studio, and keeping busy creating new music, most likely every day haha. I’ve been living in Berlin, Germany for nearly a year and a half now, but I’m about to return to my hometown Buenos Aires in Argentina to spend some quality time with my family. After that, well, who knows? I’m always on the move, so the adventure continues!

EG: So, ADE is just around the corner, which has us all very excited! What are your plans this time around? What mischief will you be up to?

Ivan Sandhas: Yeah, I actually can’t wait! ADE is, without a doubt, the highlight of my year. It’s a time when I get to reconnect with many friends and industry colleagues, and the entire week is filled with excitement and fun. To be honest, I haven’t made any concrete plans for this year’s ADE. I’m scheduled to play at the EG Fundraiser, but other than that, I’m just going to let things unfold naturally. I’ve come to really enjoy those spontaneous moments that arise when you don’t plan every detail – it adds an element of surprise and adventure to the experience!

EG: And, of course, you’ll be a part of our ADE Week 2023 Fundraiser, which will take place on Thursday, October 19th, seeking to raise funds for AnimalRIghts.NL! What can we expect from your performance?

Ivan Sandhas: Electronic Groove consistently engages in positive community initiatives and offers help in various ways. This year is shaping up to be truly exceptional, with an impressive lineup and a noble cause. I’m excited to deliver a friendly performance, featuring some of my latest and upcoming productions, at what promises to be an epic event.

EG: Speaking about playing…What track has been doing the rounds the most in your recent sets? Why?

Ivan Sandhas: There are countless amazing tracks created by established and emerging artists, all crafted with so much love. Lately, I’ve been quite productive, and I’m proud of the waves I’ve been making with my own music so, I make sure to include some of my own tunes in every performance, including the EP I released for labels like Be Adult, Cafe De Anatolia, The Purr, Dialtone Records, House Music With Love, and many more unreleased tracks that I always keep on my USB.

“Humility not only fosters a more positive and collaborative environment but also makes for more genuine and authentic interactions”

EG: Now, you’re about to drop the most epic track at the ADE event. What’s the one dance move you’d bust out when the beat kicks in?

Ivan Sandhas: Love this topic lol. Honestly, I’m not a natural dancer, but I’ve been learning some moves from great influences like Lee Burridge and Solomun. Lately, I’ve noticed that I’m improving my dancing skills, which is quite exciting!

EG: Speaking about tracks and music…. rapid-fire round!

Current Favorite Banger… Constantin Nasiri, Mitiades Pistof – Children (Original Mix) by House Music With Love.

Musical Pet Peeve… My musical pet peeve? Definitely, those DJs who can’t resist the urge to overuse the airhorn sound effect!   It’s like they’re auditioning for a circus instead of a dance floor. Let’s keep it groovy and avoid the airhorn overload, shall we?. I hate when DJs act arrogantly and believe they’re superior to others. It makes me wonder where the value of humility has gone in the music industry. I love it when DJs maintain their humility by staying grounded, appreciating their fans and fellow artists, and recognizing that success can be fleeting. Humility not only fosters a more positive and collaborative environment but also makes for more genuine and authentic interactions with fans and colleagues. It’s a quality that’s often highly respected and admired in the music industry and beyond.

Guilty pleasure track… “Queen – We Are The Champions.” It starts off as a song of redemption, in an intimate setting, with lyrics about settling debts and serving sentences. But the atmosphere builds gradually and soon transforms into a grandiose and epic song that accompanies the celebrations of winning teams (well, until “Muchaaaachos” came along when we won the last World Cup LOL!). Completely self-referential, Freddie Mercury was talking about himself and his band when he sang that they were the champions of the world. When I’m not sure behind the decks, I reach for my drink? LOL!

Your favourite music memory is… When I played the opening set for the 3D DJs back in Miami at Treehouse. Such a great party, I kind of remember every minute of it!

EG: What are three essential items you always carry in your DJ bag?

Ivan Sandhas: I actually have five essential ones, headphones, headphone jack, ear plugs, USB, and a tinny frame with a pic of my wife, I know, cute right?

EG: Amsterdam’s well known for its coffee shops – if your music was a marihuana strain, what kind would it be?

Ivan Sandhas: Oh yeah boy! Here we go! Being my music designed to create immersive and trippy experiences, it might be analogous to a marihuana strain that’s known for its psychedelic and mind-altering effects. One such strain that comes to mind is “Amsterdam Mist.” It’s a hybrid strain that’s famous for its strong cerebral effects, producing a euphoric and trippy high. Just like my music, which aims to relate to senses and take listeners on a journey, this strain can transport users to a different mental state, enhancing their perception and creativity. Of course, this analogy is purely symbolic and metaphorical, and the effects of music and marihuana are not directly comparable. Still, if I were to draw a connection between my music and marihuana strain, Amsterdam Mist might capture the essence of my music’s intention, to introduce listeners to an energetic and trippy experience connecting their soul and body through melodies in one place, the dance floor.

“What truly drives me is the passion for good causes”

EG: What’s your go-to pre-gig ritual or lucky charm that gets you in the groove?

Ivan Sandhas: Well, you see, it’s all about channeling the mystical powers of my trusty disco ball. I give it a good spin, and it whispers the secrets of the dance floor universe to me. Or maybe it’s just the caffeine from my pre-gig coffee that does the trick!

EG: Most importantly, if you could have a holographic DJ battle with any historical figure, who would it be, and what’s your secret weapon track?

Ivan Sandhas: Oh, that’s a tough one! I’d have to challenge none other than Beethoven himself to a holographic DJ battle. Imagine the mix of classical and electronic beats! As for my secret weapon track, I’d drop a remix of his ‘Moonlight Sonata’  with a funky bass line that would have him grooving in no time.

EG: Finally, what’s the one thing you’re most looking forward to at Electronic Groove’s ADE Week event this year?

Ivan Sandhas: What truly drives me is the passion for good causes. I firmly believe that if everyone contributes their small part to the world, it could be a significantly better place.

EG: Thank you for your time, we can’t wait to catch up at our ADE Week event! See you soon!

Ivan Sandhas: Thanks to you guys for putting this exciting event together and for the kind support you always give me, I feel honored being part of Electronic Groove.

Ivan Sandhas is set to perform at   Electronic Groove’s ADE Week. Get your tickets here.

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