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Jeff Mills announces third soundtrack to Fritz Lang’s ‘Metropolis’

Also, confirmed a ‘cinemix’ performance in New York.

Techno icon Jeff Mills is back with a third installment in his ‘Metropolis Metropolis’ soundtrack series. Mills released his first soundtrack for Fritz Lang’s 1927 cult classic ‘Metropolis’ in 2000, with a second one following in 2010.

Mills has praised ‘Metropolis’ for its “timeless message of solidarity,” and has stated that his idea is to “reintroduce and educate the theories and ideology” of the film to the youth.

These are not different drafts from the same project, but rather entirely separate compositions, each written from a different perspective. In 2000, ‘Metropolis Metropolis’ was written from a spectator’s perspective watching the screen, while the 2010 version “was from the perspective of the characters in the film watching the spectators watching the screen”. This new version comes from the perspective of Metropolis’ machines and technology, and is composed as a “symphonic electronic soundtrack.”

In line with the release, Mills also announced that Axis Records and Dweller Festival will present Jeff Mills playing live to Fritz Lang’s sci-fi masterpiece on February 22 at the Anthology Film Archives, in New York. A ‘cinemix’ tour will be soon announced as well.

Jeff Mills’ new ‘Metropolis Metropolis’ soundtrack will be available on March 3rd in triple vinyl, CD, and digital.

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