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Jhelisa premieres video of her new album ‘7 Keys V.1 & V.2’

Photo Credit: Dwayne Boyd

Combining three of the album’s musical pieces: ‘Solar Plexus’, ‘The Root’, and ‘8N All’.

North American vocalist and songwriter Jhelisa has premiered a special video, ‘Atmospheria’. The new drop includes three of the songs off from her new album ‘7 Keys V.1 & V.2’, which will be out on October 8th via Dorado Records.

On this occasion, the artist returns to the label after two decades with an adventurous concept album based on ancient eastern music, the 7 keys of the musical scale, and their sonic frequencies, with each track aligning to one of the 7 chakras, all lined up with her spiritual, seductive, and intensely powerful voice. Balanced with contemporary sounds, this cosmic collection is as much for connection, reflection, meditation, and balance as for lovers of ambient beats.

‘Atmospheria’ features dancers, yogis, and Jhelisa, with her mother as the peaceful, great, old sage, in kaleidoscopic, psychedelic form. ‘My intention was to present another way to ‘just be’… neglecting many of the familiar feelings that daily life tasks us with, an escapism within reality. I also wanted to craft images that present something different every time you view it’, she explains.

The video was directed by 23-year-old Aaron Dylan Kearns, an underground filmmaker, surrealist, and musician. Aaron is just brilliant, I’m so happy and proud to have his visual voice out there…through my project, I think we get a glimpse of how the youth see this world.’

‘7 Keys V.1 & V.2’ will be released digitally via Dorado Records on October, 8th. Grab your copy here and watch the video below

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