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John Digweed

John Digweed mixes Electronic Groove’s 800th episode

The Electronic Groove podcast has reached its 800th edition, and such a milestone deserves a fitting way to mark the occasion, to celebrate all the excellent music & mixes contributed by so many DJs and producers, as well as to gain perspective and strengthen our foothold in the electronic music culture even further. With this said, we are thrilled to announce that we have invited Bedrock’s head-honcho John Digweed to celebrate this remarkable episode with a very special session, which will definitively become a high point in our history.

With decades of total immersion into the international electronic music scene, John Digweed has had his fair share of milestones as well. From his early days at Renaissance, his legendary Northern Exposure mixes alongside Sasha during their dominance over the Top 100 DJ charts, several Global Underground albums, the founding of his influential Bedrock record label, countless appearances all over the world’s clubs and festivals, up to his Bunker series during the COVID-19 lockdown, he’s been a constant presence in electronic music, as well as one of its most revered figures. His sets have always been bar-raising affairs in which the musical journey is always guaranteed to be a soul-enlightening experience, with impeccable selection and mixing, always bringing a special sound unlike anyone else out there.

One of the traits which would best describe John Digweed’s staying power is his ability to always look forward in music, focusing on advancing the styles of house and techno rather than following trends, and his label, Bedrock, is a true testimony to this. It would be hard to find a better word for a rock-solid imprint that has become a symbol for quality and cutting-edge music over the years, showcasing the artists who share Digweed’s vision and building an awe-inspiring catalog in the process. With this year’s Quattro Box Set, the output unleashed an inspired collection of tunes that push house and techno forward, with an impressive assortment of artists and sounds that truly establish its privileged spot in the electronic music scene, quickly becoming a best-seller and with a limited vinyl version selling out in hours.

This exclusive mix will be premiered via Electronic Groove’s Facebook page on August 10th at 11 AM (EST) and then released via our Mixcloud and Soundcloud channels.

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