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Josh Richards drops ‘Metal’ with Stan Kolev remix

Out now via Flow Music.

Photo credit: Josh Richards – Official

Following his successful collaboration with Flow Music, Josh Richards presents his latest single, ‘Metal,’ a blend of melodic techno and house. The song also features a remix by producer Stan Kolev.

‘Metal’ starts with a commanding beat, intricately woven into a pulsating rhythm. The weightless melodies and expansive pads come together, creating a brooding atmosphere. The track is further enhanced by strategically placed metallic percussion accents.

The allure of ‘Metal’ is elevated with the remix from Bulgarian producer Stan Kolev. Renowned for his progressive touch, he takes the track to new dimensions, crafting a rich, deep, and intense remix. Spherical synths and subtle melodic elements rise above a gritty bassline.

Listen to ‘Metal’ below and download your copy here.

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